We Need a Reorganization of Government on National Security Grounds
April 12, 2011 • 10:39AM

"The time is come," Lyndon LaRouche said Monday afternoon, "that we have a President who is totally incompetent, who's leaving the American population and others in terrible jeopardy with his insane policy in terms of space and engineering and science, and economy. And we need a policy which takes into account the resources we have, for adequately forecasting and hopefully dealing with, in various practical ways, with the oncoming scheduled, implicitly scheduled series of increasing disasters of the type which happened in Christchurch and Japan, and is threatened for California, Washington and other parts of the United States."

Daniel Grasenack-Tente has returned from the Vienna conference with an approximately one-hour interview with Russian scientist Sergey Pulinets, now posted at LaRouchePAC.com, which covers in a principled way all important points on the extended sensorium for the science involved in forecasting of earthquakes and related seismic events. It definitively confirms what we've been saying, and lays out the scientific basis for international cooperation in this area and beyond.

LaRouche said, "I have a mandate to all the Basement Team to listen through, and think through, and work through the one-hour interview. But the point is, is to get the job done. What we were briefed on in that approximately one-hour session, is a program which, if I were President, I would hand immediately to my government, and organize my entire government around that scientific-driver program. I would take NASA, and I would have NASA, and other institutions which normally are tied to NASA by their function, and have the whole thing dumped into NASA, because the space exploration program is actually essential to the adequate furtherance of this requirement.

"And, therefore, we have to change a lot of our thinking, to get by all this stupid crap and to get into this area, because THIS IS REALITY!"

Meanwhile, speaking on April 7 to a meeting with policymakers to discuss the future of Russia's space program, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recalled the "legendary event" of Yuri Gagarin's flight fifty years ago as starting "a new chapter in human history." Then, in closing remarks, Putin said, "our colleagues have just mentioned that we noticed certain signs of the earthquake that struck Japan before it happened. And we understand the tragic consequences of this disaster. Naturally, in connection with this we seriously need space programs."

LaRouche responded, "You have to look at the fight around Medvedev and Putin as figures, but also people like Dvorkovich and so forth, in this picture. This is crucial. This is strategically crucial. It's on the highest order of importance. For mankind as a whole.

"Wednesday we'll have this assimilated, what we have from Russia and related sources.

"What you have to do is put this thing, take this Putin speech which you have an English translation of, and then see the one-hour show, the interview with Daniel, and then sit back and think: what is the connection between the two? And you will be fascinated, as it sinks in to your attention. You may have to watch it a couple of times in order to get the full depth of the interview.

"The question is: we're now coming to the question, which you'll see on the program that we have. You will see that this is a concern which we have, especially in the Basement, and which we should have otherwise. Because we do have a question of a polar switch, which came up in the discussion there. Which would create a weak geomagnetic field, which is dangerous to humanity. We're now getting to the estimated time of the flip: we've got to flip somebody out of the Presidency. We need a magnetic personality in the Presidency.

"Don't try to follow what the press is saying. Don't try to echo the press. The trick is, instead of wailing away at somebody, is to tell them something they DON'T know, that catches their attention. That they haven't been told by the press: that's the thing to tell them.

"We want to change government policy; we want to change the process of discussion inside the Congress, through these kinds of issues. We don't want to follow along on the issues which the British are determining for our President to raise. We want to make the British take our President away, to where he belongs, to them!"