December 2nd 2011 • 9:00PM

Were the United States to eject Obama, and to reciprocate Russia's offer for an S.D.E., we would not only avert the danger of thermonuclear war in the short term, but we could eliminate the reason for humanity to ever go to war. Peace, is not the negation of conflict; it’s an active commitment among all peoples to "the common aims of mankind".

October 30th 2011 • 2:05PM

Over a planet steeped in the greatest financial collapse in modern history and perhaps even a greater geopolitical crisis, on Monday, October 24th, the continental United States was treated to a beautiful solar show when red auroras lit up the night time sky reaching as far south as the states of Texas and Alabama.

November 19th 2011 • 1:27PM

Mankind's evolutionary right to move into solar and galactic space is being denied by the Zeus-like policies of the Obama administration and therefore he must be impeached.

November 5th 2011 • 7:36PM

As the entirety of the Transatlantic system plunges into economic breakdown and the threat of a third World War, one nation in the Americas is expressing a different orientation.

October 21st 2011 • 1:29PM

Every serious nation knows that we cannot have war among major nations ever again. If we go with that level of warfare, in today's age of technology, the whole planet is finished. So what we do, is we go to space.

LPAC Weekly Report
April 13th 2011 • 9:31PM

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