London Launches Robert Geller Against Reality
April 18, 2011 • 12:21PM

On Monday, April 11, Sergey Pulinets' wide-ranging interview assembling the science of earthquake forecasting from multiple sorts of precursors, appeared on LaRouchePAC's website. Two days later, on April 13, Lyndon LaRouche and two members of his "basement team" drew out the fuller implications of Pulinets' interview in an historic LaRouchePAC Weekly Report.

But that same Wednesday, April 13, the British Empire rushed into mass print worldwide, with an interview and article by Robert Geller, who has for decades been the leading denier of the cognizability and forecastibility of earthquakes, as well as the leader of an inquisition which has denied funding, publication, and even sought to deny the right of association, to scientists studying earthquakes, all on behalf of frontman for British- sponsored genocide Barack Obama and other, earlier genocidalists like Al Gore.

On that same day, April 13, Robert Geller rushed into (electronic) print with an article for London's Nature magazine entitled, "Shake-Up Time for Japanese Seismology." Geller wrote, "It is time to tell the public frankly that earthquakes cannot be predicted." On the very the same day that it appeared, Geller's article was summarized in Science News, and further picked up — accompanied by an interview with Geller — by the mass-circulation London Guardian.

But what does one expect of a "scientist" whose work has been sponsored by London's Royal Society, which has been enforcing the empiricist doctrines of Paolo Sarpi since the 17th Century? (See rjgbib.html)

Among the best-known of the Royal Society's many frauds, was its publication of a lying pamphlet denying that Gottfried Leibniz invented the calculus, and claiming it instead for the incompetent Isaac Newton. The Society claimed that the pamphlet had been written by an impartial panel of investigators; it was later discovered to have been written by Newton!