April 10th 2011 • 11:16PM

In January, The LPAC Basement published the Extended Sensorium report. Here we present a discussion with some of the authors of the report, reflecting the ongoing research into cosmic radiation and the principle of life as a universal principle. The implications of this research for the future of science is discussed, with an emphasis on research into earthquake predictability systems.

April 5th 2011 • 4:21PM

New scientific discoveries have completely overthrown the reigning opinion of "bottom-up" physics. In this report, we show how a very significant recent study of the preferential spin-polarization of photoelectrons under the influence of organic matter confirms a hypothesis about the "states of space" which Vladimir Vernadsky put forward over eighty years ago.

March 30th 2011 • 9:01AM

Daniel Connelly describes the discovery of a gigantic impact crater he found in Australia. Whatever object created this crater, struck the Earth about 545 million years ago, while the Earth was passing through one of the Milky Way's spiral arms, and coincided with the first appearance of animal life on our planet - the Cambrian Explosion.

April 8th 2011 • 7:20PM

Roscosmos director Anatoly Perminov has thrown his weight behind a program called IGMASS, which, if enacted, would serve as an important stepping stone towards the urgent international collaborative scientific program which LaRouche has proposed, which he has dubbed "Operation Kepler", for the consolidation and expansion of man's existing sensorium, allowing us to forecast earthquakes and the like

April 2nd 2011 • 2:31AM

Professor Pier Francesco Biagi, leading Italian researcher on earthquake precursors, possessed evidence as early as March 1st, of the high probability of a major earthquake hitting Japan within ten days. If the warning Biagi's team issued had been heeded, the devastating effects of the March 11th quake could have been avoided.

March 28th 2011 • 6:02PM

We have evidence from solar and galactic cycles that we could be heading into a major extinction. LPAC-TV takes this opportunity to interview a veteran of three of the five mass extinctions.

Wednesday - While You Were Sleeping
April 20th 2011 • 9:11AM

Here we highlight Lyndon LaRouche's remarks from his April 19th, 2011 webcast. The re-enactment of Glass Steagall is a must in light of the immediate threat, of a total blowout of the trans-atlantic system, and yet, not simply just that. What lies in the horizon of human affairs, is the subject of our Solar and Galactic challenges as frequently discussed on this website.

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