Earthquake Threat: Obama Fiddles While Other Nations Prepare
April 25, 2011 • 6:35PM

The following statement was issued by the Slate of six LaRouche Democratic candidates for immediate distribution.

Humanity faces a crisis of civilization that goes far beyond the present global economic meltdown. Our survival now depends on advancing the understanding of long-range cycles within our galaxy, such as those 62 million year cycles which correspond to our planet's mass extinctions. We must also gain a better understanding of solar cycles, including the present solar maximum's effect on earth, signaled by the series of great earthquakes along the Pacific Rim of Fire, soon to spread from Japan to the west coast of the United States.

While more may be known of the San Andreas Fault and its intersecting Cascadia Subduction Zone, there is less known of the dormant volcano at Yellowstone or the anomalous New Madrid seismic zone. Imagine this seismic fire of the Pacific Rim sweeping from Japan, across the United States, leaving a trail of chaos from earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes, coast to coast.

The anomalies in both solar and galactic activity, the potential of losing our shielding during a magnetic pole reversal, indicate that our planet may be in for such a firestorm, spreading across our nation, and then beyond. The only thing in worse shape than our scientific capabilities needed to forecast such a chain of events, is our disaster preparedness.

Japan, as perhaps the best prepared nation on this planet to deal with seismic activity, has just been devastated by the loss of over 27,000 of their people, not to mention the destruction of their homes and communities. What would happen to the United States if a 9.0, or higher, earthquake hit San Francisco or the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the coast of Washington and Oregon? How well prepared is the United States to deal with this crisis?

Before considering the horrors of how utterly ill-prepared our nation is, you would be better off considering how we are going to dump Obama instead. Just remember the utter disinterest of Obama when faced with the aftermath of the earthquake which devastated Haiti, or his protection of the criminal entity British Petroleum, as millions of barrels of oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico over months. Remember, that Obama recently said, "We can't control earthquakes or tsunamis " implying that there was NOTHING to be done about such matters.

Other nations of the Pacific Rim do not agree with Obama; they are moving aggressively to set up early warning systems and map out disaster response and evacuation programs. Even our neighbor to the South, Mexico, held a top level meeting among their government to develop an emergency preparedness plan for earthquakes, with simulation drills planned later this year.

More importantly, other nations such as China, India and Russia have not only been developing disaster response systems, but are actively cooperating with each other to develop an international monitoring system, using satellites to gather earthquake precursor data. This is what LaRouche's Basement science research team has called, Operation Kepler. Operation Kepler is based on Kepler's scientific method of using multiple parameters to triangulate a principle, such as his use of both vision and harmonics to determine universal gravitation. This is the multi-parameter approach already being employed by international scientists such as Sergey Pulinets and Pier Francesco Biagi. While other nations move toward cooperation, our nation, under Obama, will be left in ruins.

In LaRouche's recent webcast question and answer session of April 19th, a friend of LaRouche in Russia referenced Prime Minister Putin's call for research into earthquake precursors and the need for international cooperation, particularly between Russia and the United States.

"As I think you know, over the past five years Russia has increased its spending on the space program by almost 50%, and in this fiscal year we will spend approximately 7 billion. We hope to increase that as we go on. But, it was also the case that one of the things that Mr. Putin proposed was international cooperation, both on the space station program, on satellite search-and-rescue, and several other critical issues, including the study of the Moon, Mars, and of the galaxy. And he had expressed at that time that he was excited that the head of your NASA program would soon arrive in Moscow, and this cooperation proposal would be put on the table. In fact, the head of NASA did visit us and the offer was made for this level of cooperation. He was very gracious, and said that certainly the United States agreed in principle, but that he had to be candid and report to us that the budget for long-term planning of space exploration on the part of the United States had been largely abandoned; and because of that, he could not really make a commitment to accept the offer. We were very dismayed by this "

The national Slate of 6 LaRouche Democrats has demanded, that the United States join our friends, with NASA playing the leading role, to implement this scientific renaissance around the world. With Operation Kepler in place, we could secure an evacuation policy utilizing the expertise of the Army Corps of Engineers, as LaRouche outlined in his recent webcast of April 19th.

This is why Obama must go. Under Obama, NASA will continue to remain horribly underfunded and no disaster management system will be functionally deployed, putting millions of lives in harm's way. However, these initiatives also require a functioning credit system. This is why the current Glass-Steagall legislation in the House of Representatives (HR 1489) must be passed. Pass Glass-Steagall, and Obama will go.

Under Glass-Steagall, we will restore our constitutional credit system to ensure the development of the future, such as full funding for NASA, as well as the Army Corps of Engineers, and other institutions of nation building, which will respond to these crises. Glass-Steagall will also take the trillions of dollars being wasted on Wall Street and British banks, and instead put that into our states and cities, stopping the wicked budget cuts which are decimating our police and fire -- the very institutions among the first responders in the event of a disaster. We will then also ensure adequate resources to our educational institutions so that we are able to make the kinds of breakthroughs in science and technology.

And with that perspective, we call on you to join is in securing the future of humanity to survive not simply this 62 million year galactic cycle, but the ones that follow as well.

Dave Christie (WA)
Diane Sare (NJ)
Kesha Rogers (TX)
Summer Shields (CA)
Rachel Brown (MA)
Bill Roberts (MI)