Pandemics and Solar Cycles
April 26, 2011 • 7:58PM

Do you think that we should stop funding space exploration in order to "solve problems here on Earth?" That kind of idiocy might just get you -- and all of the rest of us -- killed. Evidence points to the fact that diseases are not a terrestrial occurrence, and that their "cures" will probably not be found here on Earth. As our antibiotics slowly lose effectiveness, and as our ability to withstand serious crises collapses due to absurd economic policy decisions such as those promoted by Obama and the newly elected house republican majority, it's time for us to ask: What really is the source of "disease?" Here, Michelle Fuchs and Sky Shields take a closer look at the correlation between influenza and solar activity.

References for this show: "Tapping, K.F., Mathias, R.G., Surkan, D.L., "Pandemics and Solar Activity"