August 26th 2013 • 8:00AM

We must immediately shift the policies of the United States, back to a future oriented policy. The LaRouchePAC basement team is preparing a policy white paper to spell out the crucial issues needed for such a change, and this week's LaRouchePAC in Action should be seen as a window into this process.

November 23rd 2012 • 2:48PM

A round-trip human expedition to Mars, using current technology, would take two to three years. On such missions, astronauts would lose both muscle and bone mass, and would be exposed to large doses of cosmic rays and solar energetic particles. The cargo required for such a mission would require 9 launches of the largest class rocket for a manned Mars mission.

September 23rd 2011 • 8:21PM

The only means to set us on the path towards recovery is a three powers collaboration between the United States, Russia, and China. Leaders from two of those nations met last week to sign important agreements on nuclear development.

March 10th 2013 • 12:29PM

Diane Sare, candidate for governor of New Jersey, took her campaign team to tour the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. Her program as governor would reestablish New Jersey as a leader in science, technology and research in the U.S. The following statement originally appeared on the candidate's website

November 5th 2011 • 7:36PM

As the entirety of the Transatlantic system plunges into economic breakdown and the threat of a third World War, one nation in the Americas is expressing a different orientation.

September 23rd 2011 • 2:11PM

On Tuesday, September 20, the International Space Station Expedition 30 crew held a news conference at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. 21st Century Science & Technology magazine was at the Johnson Space Center on Tuesday to ask the astronauts what their thoughts were on the threat of mass extinctions and role of US/Russian cooperation on great projects in that context.

LPAC Weekly Report
May 4th 2011 • 4:46PM

Please see That Which Could Not Be Sustained for more background on the writing that Lyndon LaRouche cites at the beginning of the discussion.

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