July 18th 2011 • 5:32PM

Sky Shields, leader of the LPAC Basement Project, addresses the prospects of mankind's mastery of the forces responsible for the evolutionary development of the earth. The discussion took place at the headquarters of the LaRouche movement in Berlin, Germany.

March 10th 2011 • 2:00PM
November 18th 2010 • 7:17PM

Remember when the United States was once a leader in nuclear power development? ..What happened?

November 26th 2010 • 5:34PM

EIR U.N. Correspondent Leni Rubenstein has just returned from China where she was invited, as an honored guest, to give several presentations on the potential collaboration between the United States and China, based on Lyndon LaRouche's discoveries in physical economics.

September 28th 2010 • 1:02AM

Beyond the scope of the NAWAPA system itself, the full implementation and construction of the NAWAPA implies new logistical supply lines, industrial development, and management of resources in new areas, leading to what is in fact the full development of the continent, for the first time in human history.

Also available in French and Russian.

LPAC Weekly Report
May 4th 2011 • 4:46PM

Please see That Which Could Not Be Sustained for more background on the writing that Lyndon LaRouche cites at the beginning of the discussion.

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