July 9th 2012 • 10:12PM

What are the forces at play in the world today? A question that remains unanswered by those entrusted to communicate to us, the truth. Yet we ourselves fall short from attaining it, not for lack of access, but because of an unbroken fear that has obscured our vision. This is the true story behind Syria.

June 18th 2012 • 9:40AM

LaRouchePAC.com's Hector A. Rivas Jr. interviews E.I.R.'s Paul Gallagher on the physical state of the US economy, examining mass unemployment in light of a coming explosion of the Eurozone.

May 26th 2012 • 1:24AM

This past weekend, the British press revealed that six months ago Blair privately advised Obama on how he could win his re-election, but this is just as dangerous as it is typical. Blair, the orchestrator of the "sexed up" intelligence that got us into the Iraq War, has his stamp on every evil Obama policy, and as long as Obama remains in office he will remain a destructive British tool.

June 22nd 2012 • 7:54PM

Following up on LaRouche’s Thursday warning to get ready for the sudden removal of Obama, LaRouche PAC is making clear the strategic fight which is at the cause of the current encirclement of the Obama presidency.

June 12th 2012 • 6:47PM

Jeff Steinberg describes the potential environment that could oust Obama, along with a strategic overview and the needed steps LaRouche has provided once Obama is removed. Download the mass distribution leaflet on Obama's Watergate Moment here.

May 21st 2012 • 4:23PM

Lyndon LaRouche was the guest on the Alex Jones Show May 21st, the focus of which is thermonuclear war--a threat which will remain on the agenda unless Barack Obama is constitutionally removed from office in the coming weeks.

The World in Review - May 5, 2011
May 5th 2011 • 9:20PM

LPAC calls for patriots everywhere to mobilize to shut down the British Empire's WBGU and everything it represents, by immediately passing Glass-Steagall and eliminating the very foundations of London's monetarist power. On today's occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first American in space, let us reaffirm our species' true Promethean nature.

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