Corrupt Deutsche Bank Links German Government's Orwellian Scheme to British Oligarchs
May 5, 2011 • 7:50PM

Prof. Hans-Joachim Schnellnhuber is head of the Orwellian dictatorship group which is trying a coup in the German government on a wave of irrational anti-nuclear power demonstrations — the Federal Advisory Council on Global Environmental Change (WBGU). But Schnellnhuber is not only a Knight of the British Empire (KBE); he is part of a group dominated by British oligarchs and sponsored by Deutsche Bank — the Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisors — no doubt representing a higher level of this Orwellian conspiracy against civilization, than does the German government. This Deutsche Bank/British group took the lead in defending the British "climate change scientists" mafia at East Anglia University, after the latter were found in 2009 to be faking climate change data and suppressing scientific papers opposing their anti-carbon crusading.

That Deutsche Bank, the largest in Germany, is one of the most corrupt in a world of corrupt international banks, is clear from multiple major government charges of fraud against Deutsche Bank in the United States in recent days. But it is also unique among the global banking giants in having funded and published, in its own name, a report purporting to prove the anti-carbon, anti-technology dogma. "Climate Change: Addressing the Skeptic Arguments" was produced by Deutsche Bank in September 2010 after the collapse of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, which foundered in part due to the "East Anglia-gate" scandal. Besides the claim that "human climate change is already happening and is a serious long-term threat," the other major conclusion of the publication was defense of the East Anglia mafia: "There is no evidence that climate scientists have engaged in alleged conspiracies." The paper called for phasing out nuclear power worldwide — like Schnellnhuber's WBGU plotters of global dictatorship — and completely contradictorily, for preventing a worldwide temperature increase from exceeding 2 degrees Celsius — again, like Schnellnhuber's WBGU, and like Prince Charles' front organizations at the time of the Copenhagen climate fight.

Why would a big bank, famed worldwide for its sub-prime mortgages and its CEO's obscene desire for a 25% annual profit, be taking a leading role in this scheme? It is really Deutsche Morgan Grenfell. Its former, very different CEO, Alfred Herrhausen, was assassinated just before it combined with London's Morgan Grenfell in 1990. And its Deutchebank Climate Change Advisors are a pack of British lords with the WGBU head in the middle: Lord Oxbrough of Climate Change Capital, formerly Royal Dutch Shell chairman; Lord Browne of Riverstone Holdings, former CEO of BP; KBE Schnellnhuber; Indian KBE Rajenda Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; and throw in Brit John Coomber, board chairman of the Swiss Re insurance giant. Lord Oxbrough was in fact the head of the official British crown "Second Inquiry" which in 2010 attempted to whitewash the East Anglia climate mafia's scientific crimes.

But despite its British imperial fastidiousness about the consumption of too many human beings, Deutsche Bank was happy to use hundreds of thousands of them as fodder for fraudulent mortgages with which to steal guarantees from the U.S. Federal Housing Authority. The Justice Department on May 3 sued the bank for $1 billion for that corruption. It has been notoriously on a par with Angelo Mozillo's Countrywide Financial for subprime securitization fraud — but with 100 times Countrywide's "assets." And on May 4, the City of Los Angeles sued Deutsche Bank for hundreds of millions of dollars, as "among the largest slumlords in the Los Angeles metropolitan area."