Thank LaRouchePAC TV For Catalyzing The Break In Censorship Of Earthquake Precursor Research
May 22, 2011 • 10:20AM

(LaRouchePAC)—"A team of NASA and Russian scientists thinks it's found a way to predict earthquakes. If it works, it could save a lot of lives." So began San Francisco's ABC TV affiliate's coverage last night of that reality, critical to humanity's surrival, which has now broken into the media around the world. Some stories shorter, some longer, the scientific evidence from the scientific team led by NASA's Dimitar Ouzounov and Russia's Sergey Pulinets for the possibility of forecasting earthquakes days in advance has been covered in the last three days in media from Turkey, to Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Rumania, Great Britain, Peru, and the United States.

The would-be Gods of Olympus have spent a lot of thuggery and money to promote the lie that earthquakes just "happen," and there's nothing humanity can do about it.

The story broke now internationally, off the preliminary written report filed on May 13 by the Ouzounov/Pulinets team, summarizing their evidence of changes in the atmosphere and ionosphere prior to the March 11 Japanese megaquake they first presented at the annual European Geosciences Union conference in Vienna in April. Evidence in a similar direction was also presented at the Vienna confrence by representatives of several other international teams working on this exciting field.

Despite the nay-sayers trotted out by various media to "balance" their coverage of the Ouzounov, et al., report so as to appease the Gods of Olympus, "plans are underway to put together a workship between earth scientists and atmospheric scientists this summer to discuss the research on the ionosphere changes," the Christian Science Monitor reports.

Had LaRouchePAC TV not launched an international drive to mobilize to face the seismic threats signalled by the Japanese megaquake, this discussion would have remained limited within a small, unfunded scientific circle. But LaRouchePAC representatives present at the Vienna conference interviewed Sergey Pulinets and other scientists studying precursors on their findings, making the definitive case that sufficient evidence of precursors now exists, that were governments to agree to fund a coordinated, international crash program to develop this science, earthquakes could be identified in time to save millions of lives.

Some Californians, recognizing they are in imminent danger of being hit by a Mag 9 earthquake or greater, have been paying attention. In its coverage of the preliminary report, California Watch quoted Pulinets from the LaRouchePAC TV interview (without identifying LaRouchePAC), asserting that "earthquake preparation is a complex physical and chemical process... It starts from the earth, moves up to the atmosphere and then to the ionosphere in the few weeks, days and hours before we feel the shaking, " he said. "When you have a release of energy that is equivalent to several thousand nuclear bombs, and earth is living matter and is storing that stress, that stress should manifest itself in some way." And ABC TV news's San Francisco story used shots from the LaRouchePAC TV interview with Pulinets, without identifying LaRouchePAC as the source, and misidentified who is being interviewed.