Obama’s Joplin Remarks Require His Immediate Removal
May 30, 2011 • 9:45PM

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On May 30, Memorial Day, Lyndon LaRouche made the following statement:

This is a holiday, it’s a national holiday. And people are out there celebrating a national holiday, while the President of the United States, in his statement in Joplin, just gave grounds for either his being thrown out of office as a mental case, or he’s put into prosecution because he lied. He knows that he pushed through, with special effort, the cancellation of those devices by which we could forecast weather conditions. People died as a result of that.

Now we have a case in Italy, of a commission which said, in the case of the Abruzzo earthquake in 2009, that there was no significant danger. Now, they made a forecast which was a lie and for that they are being subjected to criminal charges.

The President of the United States is either subject to criminal charges, or he’s insane. In the latter case, he should be thrown out of office under the 25th Amendment, Section 4. If he’s not insane, he’s not exonerated from criminal charges.

This guy has lied; he lied about forecasting; and he has lied in this case as well, since he himself canceled the satellite equipment. He is now subject to the same charge as the Italian commission that said there was no significant danger of an earthquake in the Abruzzo region. That commission concluded, one week before the Abruzzo earthquake that killed over 300 people, that an earthquake was ‘improbable’ and walked away. They are now charged with criminal charges. The President of the United States shall therefore be charged with criminal charges in the case of his statement in Joplin.

The Joplin statement is the grounds for his being either thrown out of office on the basis of the 25th Amendment, or faced with criminal charges of impeachment for criminal action in lying to the American people, and lying on a matter of practice which caused the unnecessary loss of life through his own actions.