Merkel's Anti-Nuclear Policy Denounced As Biggest Disaster in 62 Years
June 7, 2011 • 9:51AM

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her cabinet okayed the anti-nuclear timetable at a special session in Berlin this morning, and now they want to push it through the parliament by July 8. However, not all members of her own Christian Democrats are willing to follow her on this suicidal road: Arnold Vaatz, a deputy chairman of the Christian Democrats' group in the German parliament, said in an interview published by the Focus weekly this morning, that "the rapid exit from nuclear power is the most disastrous mistaken decision, which has been taken in German politics since 1949."

Without any pressing necessity, "relatively safe and cost-effective nuclear power is being sacrificed in favor of a energy policy adventure which is not well calculated," Vaatz charged, adding that to him, "this over-hasty decision to exit is a case of command economy," which as with D.D.R. (which Vaatz grew up in), "sets targets that are motivated by mere politics, but not by any real competence." If the CDU continued with this strategy, "the Greens can't help but win," at the expense of the Christian Democracy. Power blackouts caused by the nuclear exit would push Germany down from the first tier of industrialized nations in the world, to a lower level, Vaatz warned.