March 10th 2011 • 2:00PM
March 6th 2011 • 11:31PM

The mass strike is on. This week we feature clips from Kesha Rogers NAWAPA Conference in Houston, TX with a report from Basement Team leader, Sky Shields and a statement from Summer Shields candidate in California's 8th district.

November 22nd 2010 • 9:12AM

Harley Schlanger gave a very powerful presentation to an audience in France, communicating to them the nature of tragedy: in classical culture, and as it is unfolding in the United States under Obama.

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March 10th 2011 • 2:00PM
December 22nd 2010 • 4:15PM

The LaRouche Democratic slate has doubled, adding three more candidates to the ticket. In addition to Rachel Brown’s campaign in Massachusetts, Kesha Rogers’ in Texas, and Summer Shields’ in San Francisco, the three additional candidates are Bill Roberts in the greater Detroit region, Dave Christie in the area of Seattle, Washington, and Diane Sare, running in the New Jersey-Philadelphia region.

World In Review - June 24, 2011
June 24th 2011 • 10:22PM

As the fervor of the mass strike begins to boil, and the desperation of Obama's controllers swells, the only real issue is: Will the appropriate measures be taken to bankrupt our enemies and effectively halt the attempts at a coup against the United States?

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