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November 15th 2009 • 4:00PM

This fifth class raises fundamental questions as to the effects and potentialities of a 1-G accelerated flight to Mars.

October 27th 2009 • 10:02PM

In this third class, we begin by elaborating the concepts of energy-flux density and potential relative population density through an examination of the 1960's Apollo program.

October 15th 2009 • 6:13PM

The first in a series of classes to be presented in New York City by members of the basement, dealing with the physical-economic principles expressed by a Mars colonization program. It begins with an introduction to some of those key principles, followed by a presentation of Vladimir Vernadsky's ideas of the three universal phase-spaces of the lithosphere, biosphere, and noosphere.

November 5th 2009 • 9:16AM

How does a science-driver program pay for itself differently than does an infrastructure investment? How will LaRouche’s Mars colonization effort change human economics in a way that the Apollo program did not?

October 20th 2009 • 7:30PM

Despite popular opinion and the lies of the mass media about a recovery, is there a way to actually know that we are in fact in the throws of a global economic collapse, which has recently entered a new phase, as LaRouche had forecast.

October 14th 2009 • 9:45AM

Discussion with Sky Shields, Phil Rubenstein and Oyang Teng

Educating a Renaissance
June 17th, 2011 • 12:00 PM

Transforming the current death spiral of civilization into a Renaissance requires not just political action, such as the immediate passage of Glass-Steagall and the removal of President Obama from office, but also requires a deep change in how the population thinks. This cognitive transformation, which should be what is termed "Educating a Renaissance," begins by training a cadre of young people to rediscover the principles that led to the heights of human power, and thus to understand the process of increasing Man's power over the universe by further discoveries of principle. The LaRouche Movement embodies this process, in both its current slate of six congressional candidates nationwide, and in studying the "Narrow Path" of crucial scientific discoveries, from Plato, through Kepler, Leibniz, Bach, Gauss, Riemann, Einstein, and Vernadsky.

This video was produced for presentation on June 16, 2011, at a conference in Sevastopol, Crimea (Ukraine), called "The First Heraclean Futurological Congress - Justifying the Future."

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