December 7th 2010 • 12:49AM

This episode of Building the Future features a 25-minute video montage of the highlights of the December 4 NAWAPA conferences in Pasadena, CA and Kennewick, WA. The presentations are available in full on the "California NAWAPA conference page."

November 24th 2010 • 8:32PM

Our world today is gripped by a tragedy. When the Principle of Tragedy is not understood by societies, like Lear's Britain or Hamlet's Denmark, the people guarantee themselves to failure.

November 17th 2010 • 5:30PM

NAWAPA signals the revival of a scientific revolution as much as an economic one. Mankind's intervention into the planet's hydrological cycle is a crucial feature of physical economic infrastructure, and requires a deeper understanding of the interconnected processes of the biosphere.

November 29th 2010 • 9:54AM

Episode 4 of "NAWAPA: Building the Future." In this Episode NAWAPA's international extensions are taken up, as the global solution to a global crisis.

November 22nd 2010 • 2:38PM

Episode 3 of "NAWAPA: Building the Future." In light of the recent release of the video, "NAWAPA & Biospheric Engineering," hosts Michael Kirsch and Oyang Teng discuss the principle of biospheric engineering.

November 15th 2010 • 1:13PM

In this week's edition of NAWAPA: Building the Future, a collection of interviews on various aspects of NAWAPA's construction are reviewed and discussed. Featured in these interviews are considerations of and possibilities for its dams, canals, tunnels, and pumps, as well as potential use of water in the Southwest.

Panel Two: Question & Answer

The discussion period following the second panel. The speakers include Professor Sergey Pulinets and Sky Shields.

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