September 9th 2010 • 1:22PM

Some say they are concerned about "saving the environment," but few think about the difference between improving nature and simply letting it be. The history of the Earth is one of constant change, and there is nothing special or fragile about current conditions. Instead of constancy, let's make things better!

August 26th 2010 • 11:44PM

What does it really mean to be Green? Basement Research team member Sky Shields discusses the implications of the North American Water and Power Alliance.

August 13th 2010 • 9:33AM

The first in a series of study videos on the subject of Albert Einstein's agapic personality and his creativity.

August 27th 2010 • 12:00PM

Экономическое выздоровление США зависит от осуществления проекта «Североамериканский водный и энергетический альянс – NAWAPA». Команда движения Линдона Ларуша «Подвал» выпустила пространственное изображение – анимированную карту мегапроекта.

August 21st 2010 • 8:08PM

The LPAC Basement team has completed the first ever interactive, 3-D animated map of the NAWAPA system for continental water management, which is now posted on the website, allowing viewers to explore in graphic detail how NAWAPA will completely transform the face of North America.

August 5th 2010 • 8:18PM

If Obama is fired tomorrow, and FDR's Glass Steagall enacted the next day, this fall we could break ground on NAWAPA. What are the implications? What does this mean for our unemployed today? What does this mean for the next 50 years?

Panel Two: Question & Answer

The discussion period following the second panel. The speakers include Professor Sergey Pulinets and Sky Shields.

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