July 7th 2010 • 8:51PM

Dynamics, the science of the future, was re-introduced into modern practice by Gottfried Leibniz, founder of economic science.

June 9th 2010 • 1:52AM

In this second class, Oyang Teng takes up the electromagnetic considerations that pose fundamental challenges to manned space exploration.

June 4th 2010 • 12:41AM

The first episode presents the mission of industrializing the Moon and building the first permanent colonies on Mars.

June 18th 2010 • 12:27PM

An in-depth appendix to "Gauss and the Physical Tensor".
Updated: 28 Oct 2010

June 4th 2010 • 6:18PM

Members of the LaRouchePAC Basement Team discuss the scientific revolution required for colonization of other planets.

May 28th 2010 • 4:05PM
Panel Two: Question & Answer

The discussion period following the second panel. The speakers include Professor Sergey Pulinets and Sky Shields.

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