May 12th 2012 • 11:20PM

Drawing heavily from our special report, "NAWAPA XXI: Water & Agriculture" goes through the amount water that will be transferred to the Southwestern U.S. and its impact on agriculture. Go to the NAWAPA XXI homepage for more details. Click here for the animated overview.

April 24th 2012 • 8:09PM

LPACTV's Hector Rivas reports from the Society of American Military Engineers conference in Arlington, Virginia, where there was a very positive response to the NAWAPA XXI proposal.

April 18th 2012 • 9:26AM

Hal Cooper, contributing author to NAWAPA XXI, presents a brief update on developments in Russia around the building of the Bering Strait Tunnel and Eurasian Landbridge, to the audience of the April 14th Congressional Town Hall of Candidate Dave Christie (WA-9).

May 4th 2012 • 12:00PM

A detailed overview of a western extension of NAWAPA XXI, which will manage and replenish water supplies from the Columbia river in Washington state, down through to southern California.

April 23rd 2012 • 4:09AM

The latest phase in Argentina's process of reclaiming sovereignty to develop their Republic is the nationalization of the historic petroleum company, YPF.

April 16th 2012 • 3:14PM

The Second Episode of the "How We Built NAWAPA XXI" series, the record of the generation that built the largest project in the history of our continent. Episode II: Breaking Ground, about the construction of new NAWAPA XXI towns on the frontier. For Episode I, click here.

Dr. Marcello Vichi: Transaqua Development for Africa

Dr. Marcello Vichi, Italian engineer, former director of Bonifica, IRI Group, and architect of the Transaqua proposal for the irrigation and development of central Africa, speaks to the Schiller Institute conference held in Russelsheim, Germany, July 2-3.

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