Lyndon LaRouche on Radio in Birmingham, U.K.
July 28, 2011 • 9:31AM

Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed for 30 minutes on "New Style" radio's evening broadcast on Wednesday July 27. In addition to serving the large Caribbean community in the UK, host Dave Prince has a worldwide internet audience.

After the host identified LaRouche as the foremost economic forecaster, going back to his 1957 forecast, he asked what LaRouche foresees now with the economy. LaRouche hit hard, the system is finished, the bailouts in Europe won't work, the Euro is done. When Prince asked about the U.S. and the dollar, LaRouche said that, unless Obama is removed, the dollar is finished, the Trans-Atlantic economies will collapse, and civilization may not survive.

Most of the interview focused on LaRouche's analysis both of the crash, and the solution. There was a text question from Texas, asking LaRouche to explain Glass Steagall, and LaRouche reviewed how Glass Steagall is based on the Constitutional principle introduced by Hamilton, and renewed by FDR. At the end of the program, Prince lamented that LaRouche had not been elected President.

The host, who was most respectful throughout, said the phone lines were jammed when LaRouche was on (though he took no calls on the air, to give more time to LaRouche), and the initial feedback he was getting from texts and tweets was "highly positive." He said his listeners have told him they have been going to the LaRouchePAC website, due to LPAC representative Harley Schlanger's regular presence on his program, and that, with this interview, that "LaRouche is having an impact in the U.K."