Obama's Hitler Coup Signed Into Law
August 2, 2011 • 3:42PM

The Nazi Obama debt deal was signed into law today.

The senate passed the bill 74-26 with 28 Republicans, 45 Democrats and 1 Independent (Lieberman) voted in favor of the proposal, while 19 Republicans, 6 Democrats, and 1 Independent (Sanders) voted against the agreement. Yesterday Half of the House Democrats voted against the Obama Budget-Coup bill, and were buttressed by 66 Republicans. Three Democrats did not vote.

The Obama Administration had to deploy Vice-President Biden to the Democratic Caucus meeting, where he spent two and a half hours, and then still had to meet privately with Nancy Pelosi, the only member of the House leadership who was uncommitted during the course of the most of the day. By the time she was beaten into submission, and came to report that fact on the House floor, she could only say that "It might be a Satan sandwich, but I will absolutely support it." She did not, however, demand that others join her.

Observers of the floor action noted that a turning point in the votes for the Hitler bill occurred when the Administration cynically brought the recovering Rep. Gabriele Giffords to the floor to vote in favor.

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