News From the Candidates Slate: Diane Sare Emergency Meeting
August 10, 2011 • 11:49PM

Diane Sare hosted an emergency meeting in New York City over the weekend, which drew a crowd of 60 people, many of them political activists who came to hear LaRouche's marching orders in the aftermath of Obama's fascist coup.

Diane Sare's presentation began by communicating the nature of Obama's criminal Hitler-coup, and then, to demonstrate the magnitude of the crime discussed the difference between human beings and animals from the standpoint of population growth and energy consumption. Interestingly, energy consumption per capita also has increased hyperbolically over the decades, in parallel with human population growth, which shows the genocidal intent of those environmentalists and so called "fiscal conservatives" who talk about "conserving." She compared the economic outlook of Alexander Hamilton (On Manufactures), Abraham Lincoln (Speech to Farmers in Wisconsin), and Kennedy (on the moonshot), to the insanity of current proposals, and then also touched upon the mentality of the members of the German Reichstag who voted themselves out of existence as compared to the same mindset of the US Congress today. She ended by discussing NAWAPA as being in the tradition of Hamilton, Lincoln, and Kennedy -- increasing consumption hyperbolically by just going through the bill of materials required to build the thing. This solution only becomes possible with the removal of Obama, and the passage of Glass-Steagall.

The full video of Diane Sare's presentation is available on the "Candidates" page of this website, or click here to watch the video in full.