Kentucky Senator Perry Clark Sticks to His Guns: Impeach Obama!
August 12, 2011 • 11:37AM

It took a few days, but it is dawning on Kentucky political circles that Democratic State Senator Perry Clark was serious when he issued his statement on August 8th, joining statesman Lyndon LaRouche in calling for the immediate resignation or impeachment of President Obama and the enactment of Glass-Steagall, to save the United States republic from Obama's repeat of Adolf Hitler's 1933 Enabling Laws.

The Louisiville news site, LEO Weekly, posted a story last night reporting that "State Sen. Perry Clark Confirms that He Penned Letter Asking Obama to Resign, Praises Lyndon LaRouche." Sen. Clark told the apparently shocked "Fatlip" blogger that his letter speaks for itself. "What he [Obama] is doing with the Super Congress is unconstitutional. Obama is defending the international bankers. What we need to do is bring back Glass-Steagall. But I don't think [Obama] has the balls to stand up to them," Clark said. And he cited LaRouche's established authority as the man with "a track record of being right for many, many years," who has been "shut down by the mainstream because he's too much of a threat to the international financiers, he's challenging the system too much, and they're afraid of him."

The fact that LaRouche PAC organizers were distributing Sen. Clark's letter to the National Conference on State Legislatures in San Antonio, Texas, blew away the "PageOneKentucky" blog.

The Obama sycophants' problem is that there are many Kentuckians who agree with Sen. Clark. Louisiville's WDRB Fox News website posted a WDRB/AP story reporting that Sen. Clark has called for President Obama to step down because "the debt ceiling and austerity legislation passed last week is 'brazenly unconstitutional'." Other than its failure to report Clark's citation of the man international financiers fear, Lyndon LaRouche, the WDRB story is straight, reporting Sen. Clark's warning of the parallel to "a similar crisis in 1933" in which Adolph Hitler gained power in Germany; and that "Sen. Clark's solution is to re-establish the Glass- Steagall Act."

By midday today, National Public Radio's WFPL had elicited various hand-wringing statements from a handful of Kentucky Democratic elected and other officials, including bluster that his statement possibly merits his expulsion from the party.

But even some of those Democrats hurrying to distance themselves from Clark's call had to admit that Obama's deal "doesn't please a lot of people," and WFPL notes that the statewide Democratic Party "has been either complicit or reticent in the face of attacks on the President." For his part, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesman Matt McGrath is reported to have told WFPL that Clark is entitled to his opinion, but this is "not one we share."