Grassroots Support for Perry Clark's Call to Impeach Obama
August 13, 2011 • 10:28AM

Kentucky Democratic State Sen. Perry Clark's powerful call to oust Obama to save the nation is still in the news. The media are still trying to get an attack going against Clark, but it's obvious that they cannot get the population, or even Democrats, to defend Barack Obama! One indication of the heat — and the media fix — is that the local Fox News station, WDRB, removed the Aug. 11 article which had straight coverage of Perry's letter from its website today.

WPFL, the National Public Radio affiliate in Louisville, however, continued to try to drum up a reaction with a promise to "have the latest reactions from Senator Perry Clark's colleagues and party members" to his letter. No such thing! There were no new reactions on the 5-minute show that led the news segment, only repeats of yesterday's hand-wringing statements from a handful of pro-Obama Democrats. And instead of an avalanche of support for Obama in the comments section, on Friday morning, all the blog comments following yesterday's story were in favor of Clark, including from LPAC member Carol Johnson-Smith, who wrote: "I totally agree with and support Perry Clark's statements about President Obama. He is a tool of Wall-Street and the elite. His list of failures for the people of this nation has only continued to grow... a short list follows:

"Obama ignores the recommendations of the FCIC (Angelides) Report and the bipartisan Senate (Levin/Colburn) that clearly outlines the causes and avoidability of the financial tragedy befalling this nation and ignores the remedies to fix it. He refuses to work to re-instate Glass-Steagall regulations which protected us from the greed of these banking cartels for over sixty years. He continues to support the Super Congress notion which is an anathema to the Constitution of the United States."

Supporters of LPAC and Sen. Perry Clark are sending out hundreds of emails and updates praising Clark and circulating his courageous statement. One supporter is circulating this:

"In honor of Sen. Perry Clark's recent statement:

"Calling for President Obama to step down

"Speaking out against the unconstitutional creation of a 12 member super congress

"Call for Congress to immediately heed their oath to "protect, defend, and uphold the U.S. Constitution

"And for his his unwavering support of reinstating the provision of Glass-Steagall under H.R. 1489 as the first but crucial step to rebuilding our shattered nation

"I share with you one of my favorite poems below.

"Sen. Clark joins the ranks of Kentucky statesmen and patriots who have gone before us. Bravery, conviction and vision in the face of controversy are the hallmarks of true leaders.

"Thank you Sen. Clark."



- by Mrs. Mary E Wilson Betts -
(born in or near Maysville, Ky., in 1823)

Ah tyrants forge your chains at will
Nay gall this flesh of mine:
Yet thought is free unfettered still,
And will not yield to thine!
Take, take the life that Heaven gave,
And let my heart's blood stain thy sod;
But know ye not Kentucky's brave
Will kneel to none but God!