Kentucky Trade Union Leader Issues Letter of Support for Senator Perry Clark
August 15, 2011 • 9:30AM

The following letter was released today by Kentucky trade union leader Scott Pulliam, in support of the call made by Kentucky State Senator Perry Clark on August 8 for the immediate resignation of Obama and passage of Glass-Steagall. Clark's courageous action has stirred the fury of the Obama White House and other desperate political layers throughout the country.

Dear fellow Democrats,

I write today to express to you my thoughts regarding some negative reactions I have seen to Senator Perry Clark's recent statement calling upon President Obama to step down and urging Congress to pass legislation restoring the protections provided by the Glass-Steagall Act. You may find it strange when I say that, as a loyal Democrat, I fully understand Senator Clark's position and support his action. He has chosen to speak courageously where most have opted to remain silent and acquiesce to the party hierarchy.

I am, and have been since I first registered to vote at the age of 18, a Democrat. I have voted, to the best of my knowledge, in every general election (and almost every primary) since 1968 and never once have I cast a ballot for a Republican. I have been a member of IBEW Local Union 369 since May of 1970 and over the course of my membership, I have served as its president, chairman of the political action committee, and registrar. I have worked as a volunteer on many labor-to-labor initiatives over the years; always in support of Democratic candidates. Although I am now retired, I still remain politically active and always from a Democratic viewpoint. So please, make no mistake about it; I am a loyal Democrat.

As Democrats, it is our solemn duty to hold elected Democrats accountable for their actions; they are, after all, acting on our behalf! It hasn't been so long ago, when Democrats across the land were rightfully calling for the impeachment and/or criminal prosecution of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for their many crimes, we decried Republicans, both elected officials and ordinary party adherents for their lockstep support of and loyalty to the accused. And now, when it appears that one of our own has committed, at best, many reckless acts of poor judgment and political cowardice and at worst, gross violations of the Constitution of the United States, our identities as Democrats are threatened by those among us who would simply look the other way and then disparage those who, through their actions, stand for the ideals we all claim to espouse.

Senator Perry Clark has stood up and taken action in support of every American citizen, regardless of party persuasion. He took this action with no regard for his own political safety, knowing full well there would be retribution from those whose principles are rooted only as deep as party labels. Senator Clark is, to be sure, a loyal Democrat; unquestioningly loyal to the principles upon which the party was founded as well as to the United States of America. Thanks, Perry, for your passion and convictions. I stand with you.

Scotty Pulliam
IBEW Local 369