Kentucky's Perry Clark Continues To Take The Offensive
August 16, 2011 • 10:43AM

The local Louisville affiliate of British Broadcasting's National Public Radio station, WFPL, has made fools of themselves trying to rev up a censure, any censure, from the Kentucky Democratic Party against Perry Clark, for his joining Lyndon LaRouche in calling for President Obama to resign, or be impeached, for crossing the line on the unconstitutional debt ceiling. Other than a few scared Kentucky Democrats making sure to be heard publicly distancing themselves from Clark's truthful statement, WFPL ruefully reported today, that no censure is in sight.

The British problem, is that there is a major explosion building against Obama within the Democratic party nationally, making mobilizing the usual stormtroopers against his opposition increasingly difficult. Other people within the party are now organizing for leading figures to join Lyndon LaRouche in speaking the truth about the fascist danger the country faces. One prominent Democratic Party activist from networks which backed Hillary Clinton in the 2008 election sent an e-mail to their national list, attaching Sen. Clark's letter, and urging prominent Demcrats to also openly call for President Obama to be dumped before November, because the country is being wrecked by Obama's policies.

On the Kentucky front, WFPL reporter Phillip Bailey set out today to trip up Sen. Clark, doing a typical sophist's interview. But before he could get his first question out, Sen. Clark had questions for the reporter: Do you know anything about the Angelides FCIC report about the 2008 crash? Do you know about the Levin-Coburn report? That they showed that a bunch of wealthy people were able to manipulate the markets and steal people's money, because of the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act, and Standard & Poor's, and Fitch and Moody's ought to be in jail?

Clark told Bailey he wrote his letter "purposefully to upset people. I wanted them angry, I wanted them thinking, I meant for it to be brash and I meant for it to be incendiary. People have to think about where we are." The Super Congress is "Super unconstitutional" and policy must shift.

I'm the one being the loyal Democrat, Clark said. If Obama is going to kowtow to every Republican, maybe he should go to Chicago and take out his Republican membership, and I'll stay the Democrat. "What the president has got to do is not side with these international banksters this Wall Street group that is raping this nation."

Sen. Clark ripped into the reporter for asking an "assinine question" about LaRouche and "conspiracy theories", and insisted the reporter answer him again: LaRouche has been right on economic policy for 12 years, said Clark. You tell me where he's been wrong.