Candidate Kesha Rogers: True Patriots Must Defend the Constitution. Obama Must Go This Week!
August 17, 2011 • 9:40AM

As Lyndon LaRouche has made clear, if we are going to save this nation, we must rid it of all the insanity and ugliness expressed by a sophistical baby boomer generation and all the rotten policies and culture it represents. We have taken that fight to the population and we are letting them know that we are bringing forward a new generation of leadership. The baby boomers are out. They have had their turn and they blew it. We are in a fight to save the nation, and this is a clarion call for people to join us in the fight for the nation and for their humanity.

This has been a proven inspiration in leadership, and the population trust this type of honest leadership. As we have seen with the responses to the recent statement by State Rep. Perry Clark, and the continued leadership of the slate. Over the past several weeks, deployments concentrated in Congressman Brady's district, leading into our upcoming town hall, following the passage of the Conroe Glass-Steagall resolution, has been an expression of this very fight. No compromise! Throw Obama out now and pass Glass-Steagall. As an example, in yesterday's deployment we found that people were ready to fight on this higher level to defend our republic and their humanity. One lady who was visiting from California marked on her sign-up sheet that she was going to contribute $25, but when she came back to the table with her checkbook after being challenged to do more, she was provoked to do so when she saw another person being pessimistic and refusing to fight. She asked the guy, was he going to just complain or help? "This is important and I am going to back them up." The guy walked away saying he was going to fight his way, and this made the lady mad. She said, "People like that are why we are in this mess," and she wrote the check for $100. We found similar responses on other deployments, of people ready to fight. They are sick of the crap they are being fed and see that we are providing solutions and leadership.

This was even expressed clearly from the response to our intervention into a town hall meeting held by Brady last night. We went to the meeting with the intention of blanketing the audience with invites to our town hall this weekend, and organizing people that the time to get Obama out is this week. The meeting was not well attended, and there were more police officers than people. We were stopped at the door by two of the several officers that were there securing the event. It was clear the Congressman was scared to death of the outrage from his constituency, and he had right to be, because they let him know that they were not happy. This did not faze him, and he continued with his utter boomer sophistry of promoting the need to kill people with an unconstitutional super congress and insane budget cuts, or treating the federal government like a business or household budget — everything he said was pure monetarist crap. He was challenged by Kesha, and the members of the audience were given an even bigger challenge. She challenged people to join in the clarion call to defend the Constitution and demand real leadership with some guts to tell the truth. She demanded that the Congressman force the immediate resignation of Obama and sign on to Glass-Steagall. The audience was provoked by this and there was an outburst of applause. The Congressman continued to spurt more sophistry by defending the super congress and the British banking interest, by defending Dodd-Frank and refusing to support Glass-Steagall. After the meeting several members of the audience approached Kesha, thanking her for her questions and leadership. Many people remember the campaign and wanted to know if she is running again. Others invited her to speak at other meetings on the Constitution. People were provoked to look into H.R. 1489 and start demanding that Congress move on passing it now, and people understood and agreed that we have to get Obama out now, not in 2012.

We will be escalating this fight over the next few days. This week is the week to throw Obama out. We want to celebrate Obama's forced resignation or him being removed by the 25th Amendment at our town hall this weekend. So let's make it happen! — Kesha Rogers