The Coming Revolution in Wave Biology: An Interview with Dr. Luc Montagnier
August 21, 2011 • 8:00AM

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Nobel prize-winning biologist Luc Montagnier has demonstrated the ability of DNA to communicate by low-frequency radio waves, and to impart to water a persisting “nanostructure” which possesses the ability to reconstitute the DNA without the immediate presence of the organism. Here he discusses the implications of this remarkable discovery for the origin of life, the treatment of disease, and the extension of life by organ replication.

Dr. Montagnier is convinced of the role of bacterial and viral infection in a number of chronic and deadly diseases which are not generally considered infectious, including Alzheimer’s, autism, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Emphasizing the importance of the concept of co-infection, he stresses the need for the use of both antibiotics and antiretroviral drugs in the treatment of AIDS, especially in Africa where the level of bacterial co-infection is high. He refutes the “medical dogma” which limits antibiotic treatment to a maximum of three weeks, pointing out that in chronic, low-level infection the emergence of resistant forms of bacteria will be suppressed, not induced, by long-term antibiotic treatment.

The existence of a harmonic signal emanating from DNA can help to resolve longstanding questions about cell development, for example how the embryo is able to make its manifold transformations, as if guided by an external field. If DNA can communicate its essential information to water by radio frequency, then non-material (“ghost”) structures will exist within the watery environment of the living organism, some of them hiding disease signals, and others involved in the healthy development of the organism. Dr. Montagnier is interviewed by Oyang Teng and Laurence Hecht, Editor-in-chief of 21st Century Science & Technology magazine.

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