The Only Option: Who Is Ready To Lead?
August 25, 2011 • 1:35PM

The following is a joint statement, made by the six LaRouche Democrats, running for Congress as a national slate. A full-color PDF version of this leaflet, is also available.

The whole system is coming down now. There is no hope for the survival of civilization if we continue down this path of destruction. There is only one option, get Obama out now, and push for a national economic recovery led by a new generation of leadership. The boomer generation continues to hold on to the delusion of saving a system which is already dead, while the younger generation required to lead is not imprisoned by the same delusions. It is clear that the current baby boomers in leadership have lacked the guts and moral courage to take the necessary steps to save the nation; they are now in way over their heads.

The crisis we face today is beyond a mere financial crisis; it is a crisis that threatens nothing short of adding mankind to the list of species gone extinct. Everything that this generation insisted would work, from the fraud of environmentalism, to the insane money printing and financial bailouts used to "solve" the 2008 financial collapse, has been a failure and a lie.

We have right now, a moment, albeit a short one, of opportunity. As the world is crumbling around us, we must catalyze the will to fight. The creativity and boldness represented by the nation under John F. Kennedy must be reborn, in a new generation of leadership, which is not worried about our own personal pleasure.

We must commit ourselves to a mission orientation, a science-driver program for the nation once again. The work of the slate of six LaRouche Democrats has brought the urgency of the re-enactment of Glass Steagall to capitol buildings, union halls and doorsteps of Federal officials across the country. However, Glass-Steagall by itself is not enough, we must set into motion the plans to rebuild this nation through the platform project N.A.W.A.P.A. (North American Water and Power Alliance), as an emergency measure to create careers, not temporary jobs, and restore our productive base, scientific creativity, and cultural optimism. There is no solution for the present without thinking about the future, in physical, not monetary terms.

As a cadre of young leadership in the United States, the slate of six LaRouche Democrats are recruiting others to join them to get behind the only policy combination that will work: Fire Obama, Re-instate Glass Steagall and begin building NAWAPA.