Kesha Rogers: Hurricane Obama, the Bigger Threat to Our Nation
August 30, 2011 • 8:58AM

As the Congressional candidate who won the Democratic Party nomination in 2010, demanding the impeachment of Obama for his treasonous destruction of our nation's scientific potential, expressed in NASA, I am now issuing a warning to the patriots of this nation.

The unnatural disaster known, as Barack Obama is a bigger threat to our nation than even Hurricane Irene, and unlike Irene, his is not merely a passing storm. If this malignant narcissist is not immediately thrown out of office now, with section 4 of the 25th amendment to the Constitution, then his policies will destroy more lives than have already been lost due to his negligence in the extreme snowstorms, tornadoes, droughts, floods, and hurricanes that have happened since he first took office. The degree of scientific incompetence possessed by the President of the United States is amazing. While he continues to lie, that we cannot forecast such weather, Obama is cutting funding to the very satellites that do those very things.

As has been developed extensively on the website, the solar maximum has played a dominate role in the extreme weather of this past year. Our ability to know this, and forecast the impact of solar wind, magnetic storms, and coronal mass ejections on the Earth's weather, is due to an extended sensorium of satellite technology developed as a result of the commitment of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy, to a science-driver mission for the nation, to discover mankind's universe and improve his condition within it. That legacy, which Obama is destroying, is what I campaigned to protect and advance in 2010, and what I am continuing to fight for today.

Now, with the recent warnings by NOAA that we may soon lose our three and seven day forecasting ability, and by 2016 lose the POES and GOES satellites that allow for seasonal forecasts of snowfall and spring runoff, as well as the tracking of hurricanes in the Atlantic, all as a result of budget cuts pushed by the traitorous budget cutters in Washington, we are creating the conditions for millions more to be killed by severe weather and the lack of preparedness to protect the population. We are setting ourselves up for a mass extinction of the human species.

As a member of a slate of six LaRouche Democrats, our commitment is to lead the nation in implementing the necessary solutions to stop the Dark Age conditions now before us. The seven immediate steps for economic recovery put forth by Mr. LaRouche, and being carried forth by our slate of candidates, is our only chance for survival.

The situation could not be more clear: get Obama out now, end the bailout of Wall Street by reinstating Glass-Steagall, and rebuild the nation with the NAWAPA program. We must restore a mission orientation for scientific progress of the nation once again, as laid out by Alexander Hamilton in our U.S. Constitution. Let's make money the slave that facilitates such human progress, instead of the other way around.