San Jose, CA - Policy Workshop Town Hall Meeting

Africa: Mankind’s Moral Test
Saturday, September 17th at 2pm
Martin Luther King Library
Second Floor, Room 225/229
San Jose, CA
Call 949-394-9238 or 415-546-4900 for more information.

Over the next two months, we will be hosting a series of Policy workshops leading into our annual Four Powers Conference on October 29th. This year, on the 100 year anniversary of Sun Yet Sen’s revolution against the Ching dynasty to establish a Chinese republic based on the principles of the American system and Lincoln, we will celebrate the revival of this joint US-China collaboration with a conference dedicated to how this dialogue of cultures will be necessary in the extended NAWAPA project and saving mankind today.

With the current crisis reaching dark age proportions we should no longer believe that there will be any recovery under the present system. Therefore, LaRouche has put forward a 7 step program that must be implemented immediately for the survival of humanity:

1) Remove Obama -- Either through impeachment or use of section 4 of the 25th amendment of the U.S. Federal Constitution;

2) Restore Glass-Steagall -- Separate the valid commercial banking debt from the fraudulent speculative debt on Wall Street, clearing up $16 trillion in bail out debt;

3) Credit System -- Implement a credit system based on Alexander Hamilton's conception to fund the necessary functions of government;

4) Bail Out the States -- Conduct an honest bail out of the states, cities and municipalities to keep the communities functioning on an emergency basis;

5) NAWAPA -- Use the newly formed credit system to fund the construction of the greatest development endeavor ever embarked on by mankind-- the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA);

6) Subsidiary to NAWAPA -- NAWAPA will be expanded to include the production of nuclear fission reactors, a transcontinental network of high speed magnetically levitated trains and evacuated vacuum trains, fusion power research and reestablishing human space exploration through NASA;

7) Extended NAWAPA -- Extend this cooperation to other nations through long term treaty agreements to promote the construction of similar NAWAPA-style development projects across the planet.

So, come fight with us to implement these 7 steps. The policy workshops over the next two months are being held to educate the population on the crucial implementation of these seven steps, in preparation for the conference in October. So join us, attend a policy worshop, and reserve your place for the October Conference today!

Livermore Policy Workshop
Saturday, August 27th at 2pm
Livermore Public Library
Community Room A

Martinez Policy Workshop
Policy for a New World Credit System
Thursday, September 8th at 7pm
Veterans Memorial Hall
Martinez, CA

San Jose Policy Workshop
Africa: Mankind’s Moral Test
Saturday, September 17th at 2pm
Martin Luther King Library
Second Floor, Room 225/229
San Jose, CA

Manteca Policy Workshop
NAWAPA and Biospheric Engineering
Sunday, September 18th at 2pm
Manteca Public Library Community Room
Manteca, CA

San Francisco Policy Workshop and Celebration
US-China Relations on the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Revolution:
Sun-Yet Sen and Lincoln
Monday, October 10th at 1pm
Grant Place Restaurant
2nd Floor Banquet Room
San Francisco, CA