Get Rid Of Obama As President Now, Not In 2012!
September 12, 2011 • 8:59AM

The plunge in Americans' support for Obama is now out in the open, a fact which will make the President, whom American statesman Lyndon LaRouche called "paranoid," deteriorate further.

* Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank's column, "President Irrelevant," reports in gruesome detail how Obama made a fool of himself before the Joint Session of Congress Sept. 8, in his "Jobs" speech. When a fired-up Obama told Congress, "You should pass this jobs plan right away," Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) "chuckled." House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) "giggled" when Obama announced, "We've identified 500 reforms which will save billions of dollars..." Milbank comments, "It was, in a way, more insulting than Joe Wilson's `You lie' interruption during a previous Presidential address to Congress. The lawmakers weren't particularly hostile toward the President--they just regarded the increasingly unpopular Obama as irrelevant." Nor did Democrats take the 43%-approval President seriously. There were more Democratic empty seats than Republican; lawmakers camp in aisle seats for hours so they can appear on national TV talking to the President, but on Sept. 8 only one Democrat was seen "saving" an aisle seat 90 minutes before Obama's talk. The press gallery, which has standing room only for big speeches, had only 26 of its 90 seats taken. During Obama's speech, Democrats Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL) "stared at the ceiling;" Rep. Jim Moran (VA) "read the newspaper," and Rep. Peter Welch (VT) "stared at the gallery." As previously reported, these three are Glass-Steagall co-sponsors.

* A NY Times op-ed on Sept. 10 by Princeton Professor Julian Zelizer, an American History professor whose specialty is one-term Presidents, quotes Obama's comment to ABC News' Diane Sawyer. "I'd rather be a really good one-term President than a mediocre two-term President." Says Zelizer, "With waning approval ratings and a stagnant economy, the possibility that Mr. Obama will not be re-elected has entered the political bloodstream. Suddenly, the opposition party envisions a scenario in which its presidential candidate could defeat Mr. Obama in a referendum on his job performance."

* David Ignatius, the Washington Post's international affairs columnist, writes "The Covert Commander in Chief". "Obama, who was known for his anti-war views before becoming President, "has disappeared into the secret world of the post-Sept. 11 Presidency." James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, regards Obama as "a phenomenal user and understander of intelligence. Obama is the Commander-in-Chief as covert operator ... There is a seduction to the secret world, which for generations has charmed Presidents and their advisors. It's easier pulling the levers in the dark, playing the keys of what a CIA official once called the `mighty Wurlitzer of covert action.'"

Lyndon LaRouche characterized Obama's fascination with the sphere of secret intelligence, where he can get the secret briefings alone, and make decisions without anybody knowing what he has decided, as what is to be expected from "a paranoid."