January 11th 2011 • 1:22PM

The media attacks on the opponents to Obama's Nazi Health policy hours after the incident in Arizona uncovers a set up on the part of the British and Wall Street controlled media to create a witch hunt atmosphere for anyone who opposes Obama.

December 25th 2010 • 5:18PM

The Boston Tea party, historically, has served as a reference point for true patriotism. May it continue to inspire true patriotism now, in our fight against the modern day British Monetarist Empire.

December 11th 2010 • 4:47PM

Lyndon LaRouche's discussion today focuses on the fallacy of those who think in terms of statistical trends in a world defined by the breakdown of the global economic system, such methods at this point and time are deadly. LaRouche outlines the remedy.

December 29th 2010 • 2:22PM

After the LPAC exposé and public outcry concerning Obama's Nazi T4-inspired healthcare bill, the legislation was modified to exclude the infamous Section 1233, which became popularly referred to as the "Death Panel" section. Now, it is back. Obama has snuck it in as a "regulation," which will go into effect January 1st.

December 13th 2010 • 10:47PM

In this episode of Building the Future, we review the completion of the first phase of our national organizing drive for NAWAPA, culminating in the December 4 regional conferences, as we set our sights on phase 2.

December 1st 2010 • 1:02PM

In the Fifth Century, Irish monks led by St. Patrick re-christianized Europe, after Rome collapsed. As the nation of Ireland decides whether or not to dump the British and the fascist IMF policies, we remind them that they have saved civilization once before.

"One Planet is Not Enough": ISS Crew Discusses Human Space Flight & The Galactic Threat
September 22nd 2011 • 2:20PM

On Tuesday, September 20, the International Space Station Expedition 30 crew held a news conference at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. 21st Century Science & Technology magazine was at the Johnson Space Center on Tuesday to ask the astronauts what their thoughts were on the threat of mass extinctions and role of US/Russian cooperation on great projects in that context.

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