September 30th, 2011 • 12:12 PM
LNT myth busted again

The hysteria surrounding the Fukushima meltdown was a sad reminder of how stupid people have allowed themselves to become on any subject dealing with radiation. It took 50 years of brainwashing to achieve that level of stupidity, with the latest evidence for this deliberate fraud coming from Dr. Edward Calabrese at the University of Massaschussets at Amhurst.

Calabrese, a toxicologist who has long studied the beneficial effects of low-dose radiation (called hormesis), has discovered “that one of the fathers of radiation genetics, Nobel Prize winner Hermann Muller, knowingly lied when he claimed in 1946 that there is no safe level of radiation exposure,” as stated in a Umass press release.

From his position as head of a National Academy of Sciences committee tasked with determining the biological effects of ionizing radiation, Muller was instrumental in establishing as dogma by the 1950s the linear no-threshold (LNT) paradigm, which states that ionizing radiation at any level is biologically destructive. All subsequent governmental regulations concerning not only radiation, but also chemical dose rates, have followed guidelines dictated by the LNT myth, which has fed the kind of irrationality most recently witnessed in the wake of the Japan earthquake.

What Calabrese has uncovered already registers as a first-rate scandal. But even a cursory look at Muller's biography points towards a more sinister undercurrent. The Nobel laureate was a protege of Malthusian eugenicist Julian Huxley, and even wrote a book on the subject--before Hitler, in the words of Huxley, "gave eugenics a bad name." Muller also collaborated with population reduction fanatic Bertrand Russell around the Pugwash "Ban the Bomb" conference.

There's more at stake than regulatory statutes. Our whole conception of radiation must be brought into line with actual experimental evidence. Understanding the non-linearity of dose response should help lead to new insights on the fundamental nature of ionizing radiation, and may shed light on the broader question of the way organisms harness "weak forces" across the whole spectrum of frequencies. Stay tuned for forthcoming interviews with Dr. Calabrese from 21st Century Science and LPACTV. In the meantime, the following background material will get you up to speed on the history of the LNT fraud and the potential benefits of low-dose radiation.

James Muckerheide, "It's Time to Tell the Truth About the Health Benefits of Low-Dose Radiation".

An autobiographical account of the work of T.D. Luckey, the scientist who coined the term "hormesis."

Two recent news items on Luckey's work on hormesis: an article, "A challenge to the fear of radiation's invisible rays, and a video, Don Luckey talks about radiation hormesis.

T.D. Luckey, "Gamma Ray Photosynthesis".

--Oyang Teng

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