Q4 - Man in the Galaxy, or Man Under Obama?
October 1, 2011 • 3:55PM

The counterpoint between the prospects for mankind in the galaxy under a trans-Pacific orientation, and what we have here in the United States with Obama still in office.

QUESTION 4: Lyn, I'd like to address this trans-Pacific orientation from the highest standpoint, which you addressed in what you started with, which is the galactic crisis, which we've elaborated on the LPAC website. Given this known threat, we have a looming threat of an extinction, the galactic weather, the extreme weather which we face, and I do think -- and I'd like you to say more -- that this trans-Pacific orientation bodes well, or is a much improved situation for mankind with respect to that, much improved with respect to what we face in the United States currently, under Obama.

You have, in Russia and China, for example, a commitment to put man back in space, manned space exploration. You have the Spektre-R telescope 1,000 times resolution of the Hubble. The Chinese just launched an unmanned space station. You also have a serious commitment, for example, to serious scientific work on earthquake precursor research. So that's what the trans-Pacific alliance represents with respect to this crisis. I think people, though, need to get the counterpoint between that, and the prospects for mankind in the galaxy, under that system, contrary to what we have here in the United States, with Obama, still.