Q3 - Energy-Flux-Density and Economy
October 1, 2011 • 3:55PM

An elaboration on the question of energy-flux-density and economy, from the standpoint of the evolution of species. How human beings can follow the example of creative evolution by the biosphere, willfully.

QUESTION 3: Thank you. Something that I'd like you to elaborate on more, is something you just touched on here, is the question of energy-flux-density and economy. And it's something that you've discussed over the years, and I think, hopefully we're now in a position to demonstrate this over a period of time in the coming years, and show how this works. But we've recently demonstrated this, on our Basement page on this website, of the question of all preceding evolutionary periods of the Earth, you've seen, from the Silurian to the Devonian, with the colonization of land by plants, to the Mesozoic to the Tertiary period, with the transition from dinosaurs to mammals, a continuous increase of work accomplished by the biosphere. And we've seen that this is what the Earth has done continuously over time, and should give us a new metric for why human beings should do the same.

But if you could elaborate on that as a new metric for economy...