RT Calls Out Western Media Spin on Syria

By Leandra Bernstein

Here is more on Syria around the Russian-Chinese veto in the UN against sanctions:

RT ran an article featured on their front page called "Mainstream media skewed on Syria." It begins by raising the legitimacy of the UN Human Rights Watch death-toll of Syrians when a woman, claimed to be the first woman to die in government custody, said by Western press to have been tortured, mutilated, and murdered, shows up at a Syrian police station to say, "Hey guys, I'm not dead."

A representative from Amnesty International said, "We will endeavor to be more cautious and phrase things a little bit more nuanced.” Ya think???
It then goes on to discuss the "peaceful" rebels and more of the one-sidedness of western reporting, concluding that unlike Libya "[t]here may not be any oil this time, but there is always an ulterior motive."

Here is the article, it's short and provocative.

Also the great bulk of these so-called "human rights" organizations are merely the shock-troops for regime change. George Soros has been notorious in funding so-called philanthropic, human rights movements, but only with the intention of upsetting the apple cart of Central Asia and Russia.

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