Occupy Wall Street HAS Demands! OWS Demands Glass-Steagall
October 9, 2011 • 2:49PM

By Leandra Bernstein

The idea that the Occupy Wall Street movement has no direction and no demands is a damned lie that has to be dispelled now. That lie is being picked up by a motley crew of dangerous opportunists who hope to guide the movement in the direction of: a.) a Jacobin mob, b.) a replay of the Seattle WTC riots, c.) Obama-ton populist foot soldiers, d.) a raving crowd of Green fascists, or e.) all of the above. LaRouchePAC's intelligence team is presently pulling together the raw material on their machinations--so, keep your quarters ready folks, it's a real freak show.

However, what LaRouchePAC organizers and a number of the LaRouche Candidates have found in organizing on the ground at the Occupy Wall Street events--from Wall Street , to State Street, to Seattle, Washington--the movement has specific demands. Those demands include: Kicking Obama out of power and reinstating Glass-Steagall, HR 1489, now.

Candidate Dave Christie submitted a report to LaRouchePAC late last night after a Saturday Occupy Wall Street event in Seattle drawing a crowd of at least 1,000 people. Dave addressed a crowd of 300-400 people immediately after another protester was booed by the crowd when he tried to say Obama was against Wall Street, and that the people had to support him! When Dave spoke, he reported that he "got a good response on Glass-Steagall and dumping Obama." After his speech, a woman who had spoken before Dave, and had danced around Glass-Steagall, was clearly emboldened, grabbed the mic again and "gave [a] dissertation on Glass-Steagall and its history."

And recently there have been a handful of press reports that are beginning to accurately report on the true demands of OWS .

The American Prospect reported, "At the moment, this fledgling movement [OWS] is awash in a range of demands… a financial transaction tax, and the reinstitution of the 1932 Glass-Steagall Act.''

My Central Jersey.com wrote, "People are flocking to Washington, D.C., New York and cities nationwide to peacefully create a national dialogue, reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act and reverse the Citizens' United decision.''

Investment News reported that Occupy Wall Street protesters are beginning to cause some real concern in financial circles (which means now is the time to fight harder!). They write: "[OWS] also called for the passage of the proposed Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011, which would bring back some provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933…''

In the Seattle Times there is a quote from a protester saying, "We have a clear list of 40 demands from 'end the industrial prison complex' to 'reinstate Glass-Steagall.' Something for everyone.''

On October 8th, the Inner City Press began their article saying, "In Zuccotti Park on Saturday night, there was drumming and tombstones for the Glass-Steagall Act.''

So, frankly, no one should take seriously the manipulative propaganda that Occupy Wall Street has no demands. That lie is being perpetrated by people who want to co-opt the mass to do the bidding of Wall Street--For example, the ENVIRONMENTALIST MOVEMENT, which exists because it IS FUNDED BY WALL STREET INTERESTS!

This is a fight for the minds of the American people and the future of the country--not in a few weeks or months, but now. But this opportunity, the momentum, and the present clarity in the movement, is feared by our enemies.

We have to be firm in the mission: Remove Obama, reinstate Glass-Steagall. Again, LPAC will be producing more on the situation and how some of our enemies hope to play on popular prejudices to take advantage of the effective political action that scares the hell out of them.

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