Training Our Workforce: Interviews with Lloyd Crask and Keith Smith

NAWAPA entails a labor base of millions, much of which can be employed and begin work immediately. However today's youth generation is seriously under-equipped to face the challenge of the highly-skilled and highly-disciplined work required by the NAWAPA project.

Retired machinist from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation Keith Smith talks with LPAC-TV's Michelle Fuchs about the work entailed in NAWAPA, with a focus on machine tool design and construction, and what it's going to take to upgrade today's youth to do the job: to do it safe, and do it right. What is required in order to bring people into machining on a largescale basis for NAWAPA? For an earlier interview with Keith click here.

NAWAPA will generate an intense social transformation in the United States as millions of currently unemployed and underemployed are brought into the many areas of productive work required by the project. LPAC-TV's Michelle Fuchs and educator Lloyd Crask examine the training and education issues involved in NAWAPA, with a focus on these unseen spinoffs of generating an identity of doing productive work.