Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Cheminade's Presidential Campaign Is the Last Chance France Has
October 18, 2011 • 9:47AM

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Chairwoman of Germany's Buergerrechtsbewegung Solidaritaet (BüSo), made the following closing remarks to the Oct. 15 conference launching the French Presidential campaign of Jacques Cheminade, known as Cheminade2012 (http://www.cheminade2012.fr). Cheminade heads the Solidarité et Progrès party.

HELGA ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Well, thank you very much for inviting me, and giving me the opportunity to say a few words to you. But the first thing I want to do, is I want to full-heartedly endorse the Presidential campaign of Jacques Cheminade. [applause] And I think I'm not only speaking for myself, but for the entire international organization in Europe and in the United States. And so that you get a sense that we really mean it, I brought... [off mike; she showed a Facebook display of all the Presidents of the French Republic, to which she had added the picture of Jacques Cheminade after Sarkozy, to applause and laughter.]

JACQUES CHEMINADE: C'est très bien, mais pas trop près de lui! [That's very good, but not too close to him (Sarkozy)].

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: [laughs] Obviously, this was made before they really appreciated who is the next President of France!

But, I think we should take it quite seriously: Because, you know, this Presidential campaign of Jacques Cheminade is the last chance France has. And I think you should look at it this way, because this French Presidential election is taking place in the context of the biggest civilizational crisis in all times. Because if we don't get all of these beautiful ideas implemented, which were presented over course of the day, then we are looking in the very short term at the potential collapse of civilization, which will mean that the 14th century will be peanuts compared to what could happen.

And I think, okay — the Presidential election takes place next year, and the crisis is now: But the dynamic of the campaign of Jacques is extremely important for Europe! Because as you all have already known, and were reminded again today, we are living under an oligarchical dictatorship in Europe. You know, people may not think so, because they say, "Oh, but we have democracy," but democracy just went out of the window! Have you been asked if you wanted the euro? Have you been asked if you wanted the Maastricht Treaty, or the Lisbon Treaty, or the bailouts?

So you have not been asked, and the average person in almost all European countries right now has the feeling when you ask them, "do something to change an unjust system," they say, "Oh, you can't do anything, anyway."

And then, when you ask people, what does it mean? What kind of a system are you living in, when the people who are living in it have the feeling they can't do anything, anyway? Obviously, this is a dictatorship! And people just have not thought it through.

So, Jacques' campaign, by reviving the great traditions of the highlights of French history, from Louis XI, the Ecole Polytechnique, the great work of Jeanne d'Arc, the wonderful poems of Villon, and — no, no, not Fillon! [laughter] I don't think... I haven't seen him uttering a single poetic word!

I think that means, when we make this campaign a powerful campaign, I mean, don't kid yourself: By the time the actual vote will take place, the world will look completely different, completely different: Either, it will be a pit, and then we can forget about the election anyway, or, we will have a completely different configuration of forces in the world, today.

Now, first of all, I have to comment a little bit on what the panel of the economists were saying today, where some gentleman didn't think the system was quite as finished; I think it's completely finished. You know, it's a miracle if this situation lasts beyond this year. I mean, there is complete panic, because, at the last summit between Merkel and Sarkozy, they could not find an agreement, and they didn't say anything about it, because you know, obviously, they postponed the EU Summit, which is costly, ineffective, and you only do that when you have no clear solution. And now they're saying Mrs. Merkel will come up with the "Big Bold Initiative," the "grand design of Mrs. Merkel," a woman who is known to take very little steps all the time! She makes the politics of small steps.

So, what is this "grand design" going to be? All the indications are that they will go for insolvency of Greece, with the "haircut." The rating agencies are downgrading the different bonds of Spain, of Italy, of the banks. Then, naturally, you have a gigantic hole, and this hole has to be recapitalized by a money-printing machine. The only difference is, money printing today, occurs electronically: You don't have to do anything, except type into the computer some new numbers. And they want to do it in the form of using the European Financial Stability Fund as a bank: This "bank" could then endlessly take loans from the European Central Bank, and basically have a leverage factor at least of 5:1, to turn the present money in the EFSF into EU4 trillion or more.

And that will not be the end of the story, because of the austerity policy. None of these countries will be able to pay it back, and therefore, they will have to have new bailout packages, and you will be in a hyperinflationary spiral in a very short period of time: Exactly what happened in Germany in 1923. So this is the short term.

Now, obviously, this is a situation which is highly dangerous, and I think you should not be complacent. Jacques' campaign is the absolute only chance France has to come out of this mess. And I think you should go out of this conference with a complete, total commitment, to help Jacques and the others to turn the country upside-down, and make him win! And root out any thought out of your mind, that this is not a probable proposition, because I think there is no alternative. There is no other candidate, who has any perspective to save France as a nation.

Now, it's very hot: In the United States, where I just spent two months, the fight for the Glass-Steagall is actually much more serious than I have seen anywhere in Europe right now, and the reason for that is that, in the United States, they did have Franklin D. Roosevelt who did implement Glass-Steagall. They have the experience of how, with Glass-Steagall you can come out of the Depression, and have a strong economy as a result of it, and it's in the memory of the people, that it can be done, it has been done already. And there is a much clearer understanding of the American System of economy, which was introduced by Alexander Hamilton: The idea of a credit system, has been repeatedly introduced by Alexander Hamilton, it has been reconfirmed by Lincoln, and then again, by Roosevelt.

And in Europe, the confusion, when people say Glass-Steagall, and they say at the same time that they are for the separation of the banks, and for the Eurobond, and for a European Finance Ministry — you already know they have no idea what they're talking about. And when they say, they are for Glass-Steagall, and for Green jobs, you also know, they have understood nothing, because a credit system, which is what Glass-Steagall must lead to, is completely the opposite of any kind of ecological solution.

Now, this fight is very hot: Marcy Kaptur [D-Ohio] has now 46 co-sponsors [for H.R. 1489], and many more are coming. In the Senate, they will bring up a bipartisan initiative for Glass-Steagall, and more than 200 national and regional organizations have been coming out, some of the largest Democratic counties, the AFL-CIO, the National Farm Bureau, and LULAC, which is the largest Hispanic organization, and the organizing is really alive and determined for the United States.

Now, the other thing which is going on, which is extremely important: Because of the terrible condition of Europe, my husband has said, repeatedly that the only way how you can get out of this crisis, is if the United States breaks with the trans-Atlantic orientation, meaning Great Britain, and forms an alliance with China, and Russia; and if these two come together, then it is a question of a very short time that India will attach itself to this bloc. And this organizing, I can tell you, is going on much, much, much more behind the scenes, many things which can not be publish, because you know, these are delicate realignments of the strategic situation than you probably know. I can only tell you this: That on the NAWAPA organizing, which naturally most affects the West Coast and the strip along the Rocky Mountains, and also on the question of the new trans-Pacific alliance, we have a complete excitement among the Chinese population in Los Angeles, in San Francisco, and they're extremely happy! Because they want that kind of a cooperation between the United States and China, because China, — if Europe collapses and if the United States collapses, they have absolutely no place to go, because China is in a very precarious situation, because they have 1.4 billion people, but only a very small area for agricultural production; and you know food prices, immediately, have the consequences of domestic unrest, and things like that.

So this is a very, very realistic perspective. And I can only tell you, after my two months stay in the United States, I think we can do it. I think we absolutely can do it, but people must have idea of wanting to win: You know, because we are now in a moment where, we are experiencing the end of the system, the end of a system called globalization, the end of an imperial system. There is no way how this system will survive!

And I have many times, memories of what happened in the period of October 1989, when the D.D.R. came in the final weeks, and the D.D.R. had their 40th anniversary of the D.D.R., and they had this huge military parade. And then Honecker said, "Socialism in its course, will be stopped by neither ox nor horse"; which in German is a rhyme, [Den Sozialismus in seinem Lauf halten weder Ochs noch Esel auf]. Socialism will live for one thousand years. And then, 12 days later, Honecker was out. And three weeks later, the Berlin Wall came down.

And you are exactly in a moment like this, where you know there are these blockheads who still say, "No globalization, the euro will stay," these are the Honeckers of today; then you have the turncoats [Wendehals], who say, "Oh, now we're all for Glass-Steagall," and they were for the opposite the day before.

And then, you have the honest people who truly understand that this system of globalization is deeply immoral, that it is the test of moral capability of mankind to survive, to replace this system with another one.

And in a certain sense, I'm a very optimistic person, and I think we can absolutely talk about a new epoch of mankind, but it really requires that we capture this moment. And you know, in reflecting about the different discussions today, you know, this thing which is in front of us, is not just a little reform. You do not get into a crisis as big as it is right now, without your having to consider that you have to change everything, every axiom that went into this crisis, in culture, in economics, in politics — especially in culture — and you have to replace it with an image of man which is truly worthy of the dignity of man, man as the creative human being, the only species which can perform beautiful art, Classical culture. You know, the beauty which is expressed in human creativity, that should become normal life! And we have here, this beautiful old friend, [Marie-Pierre] Soma, who's a fantastic musician: She is the model of what the future culture should be! Because people should have a creative life, they should have not have — they shouldn't waste their life with stock market speculation. What a waste of time! Later on, people will say, "These people in 2012, they were crazy! They wasted their entire life, with virtual money going up and down, and in the end, they had nothing! And they had wasted their lives!"

And you know, we have to have a solemn commitment, that we will get out of this moment a true Renaissance, a true Renaissance where we will enter a completely different system of values, where people are happy that they can be an artist, where they can be happy to be a teacher, where they can be happy to be an inventor, a nuclear scientist, or somebody who does something useful, which, you know, everybody can be a genius! In the realm of geniuses, there are unlimited degrees of freedom! You will never have two geniuses who are the same. But I think we have only exhausted the potential of the human race, like ...that little.

We are still embryos in terms of human development, and I think we have the very great privilege that we are a generation who experiences the chance that we can end this unworthy condition of mankind, and start something totally new, like the extraterrestrial imperative, which will make people more rational. And that people will make a huge jump in their development: And we are the ones in whose hands and minds and spirits is it to accomplish that.

So therefore, when it is the question of supporting Jacques' campaign, you should have a total passion, to turn France upside down, and join this campaign, because you will not get another chance in your lifetime! And I think we have absolutely have to have this dogged determination, to win, and then we have a good chance to do it. [ovation]