Glass-Steagall is the Tool for Development
October 18, 2011 • 12:53PM

By Rachel Brown

As the Trans-Atlantic system careens toward collapse, the British Empire knows its days are numbered. When Franklin Roosevelt was elected President in 1932, the British and their allies in Wall Street, moved quickly to install their puppet Adolf Hitler to power. Now, descendants and tools of those Hitler-backers, such as the Bush family and Obama, wish to pull a new Hitler-like coup in the United States. The British Empire now sees its oncoming downfall in the recent strategic partnerships being developed between Russia and China in areas of space exploration and high technology development projects, with an implied invitation to the United States, as well as the growing threat of the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall in the context of the global mass strike phenomenon we see in the “Indignados” and “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Remember, the British told the U.S. that Glass-Steagall was a “casus belli”- and right they are.

Glass-Steagall will destroy trillions of dollars of worthless financial paper, wiping out the ledger-books of most of the world's criminal financial institutions. This, however, is essentially a shadow of the principle it represents, a principle inherent in the founding of our nation, beginning with the Massachusetts Bay Colony's John Winthrop, who looked to develop the land for man, as an integral part of building a republican civilization. When John Winthrop founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony as the home of the world’s first credit system, it was clear he was founding it against the economic policies of empire that degraded man and prevented development. The Pine Tree Shilling, a Massachusetts Bay Colony-issued sovereign currency, was used to facilitate internal developments, such as iron production, mining, road construction and development of land, making the colony quickly one of the most productive economic regions on the planet, rivaling even Great Britain. Winthrop stated, "The whole earth is Lord's garden and he hath given it to the sons of men, with a general condition, Gen: 1.28. Increase and multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it,... the end is double, moral and natural, that man might enjoy the fruits of the earth and God might have his due glory from the creature, why then should we stand here striving for places of habitation, and in the meantime suffer a whole Continent, as fruitful and convenient for the use of man, to lie waste without any improvement."

This is in the spirit of what economist and statesman, Lyndon LaRouche, has identified as man participating in the act of creation, as co-creator in the Universe. True human economy is an expression of creativity. We see that if the biosphere itself can be seen to make conscious leaps, as was done with the oxygen "catastrophe" which led to the development of the atmosphere, or the transition from dinosaurs to birds and mammals, which had more developed internal structures, then there must be an anti-entropic direction to the development of the universe. Human economy, which is also part of this process of development, can act consciously to bring these higher states of organization, or energy throughput, into existence, though creativity. This is the true meaning of the credit system, and its shadow, Glass-Steagall.

Once Glass-Steagall is in place, and the trillions of dollars of worthless financial assets that are currently suffocating our nation are wiped out, fresh credit will be issued in the development of the North American Water and Power Alliance ( NAWAPA) program. We will join Russia and China in a Transpacific cooperation, and develop the Arctic region, destroying the British Empire and its mass murderous policy of “environmentalism”, through a conscious development of our future and our biosphere. Agents of the imperial environmental policy such as Middlebury College's Bill McKibben will be replaced by a sane program to develop the planet. In this way, we will fulfill Winthrop’s vision of continental development and a society which values mankind.

But, let’s be clear; the British Empire will not give up without a fight. With the developments in Eurasia, and the ongoing global mass strike, as witnessed in the Indgnados/ Occupy Wall Street movement, the British will move to maintain their power through dictatorship. In that light, we should question events such as the purported Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States. LaRouche said that people should ask themselves: If that really isn't happening, maybe something else is? "The one operation that I know is going on, is London's Hitler-style coup in the U.S.. They are preparing the gas ovens for Americans.” We must now move quickly to dump Obama, who has flagrantly violated the US Constitution with his Predator Drone attacks on American citizens, garnering support of only those fellow fascists like Dick Cheney. We must restore Glass-Steagall to bankrupt the Wall Street and British Imperial banking syndicate. We must join with the Russians and Chinese for a 3 powers alliance, with many more nations to come, in order to crush the British policy of globalization. With that, we shall end the system of empire forever, and finally enter into the adulthood of humanity.

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