European Commission to Colonize Greece
October 21, 2011 • 10:24AM

It is not enough that the current Greek government is doing everything it is ordered to by its creditors. Now fascists of the European Commission are plotting to take full control of the Greek government, including deploying hundreds of administrators into the government administration with full executive powers! It is not yet clear whether they want to turn Greece into a colony or one big Warsaw Ghetto. The Greek daily Kathimerini publishes a Reuters report exposing the drafting of a proposal to send "hundreds" of experts with executive powers to run the Greek government. Although Brussels issued an official denial, the article quotes EU officials—unnamed, as sources.        
Even Reuters writes of "The radical proposal, dismissed by some officials as a form of colonialism." It quotes one official who supports the ideas, as saying, "It's that or not getting the money," adding, "It is assistance imposed from outside. It's where outsiders take over some elements of the operation." The proposal would "involve deploying several hundred technical experts on the ground to administer Greece." He continued, "The idea is living in some capitals. There is no alternative."        

Despite its denial, the European Commission admitted it already has a task force which it describes as "an administrative structure aiming at supporting the Greek authorities," which it claims cannot take over legislative, legitimate government in Greece.        

The task force is run by a German European Commission bureaucrat, Horst Reichenbach. One idea would be to give this task force "executive powers."        

"The scale of the intervention is unparalleled," said the eurozone source. "It is a matter of authority. There will be a lot of resistance. The formal authority is not in their hands. Greeks must accept that," he said.        

Another source said, "You need someone who can speak Greek but who is not on the side of the Greeks. Their powers would be tied to the conditionality of the loan. It has to be presented carefully—call it technical assistance or something. You can't trample all over them."

Even Reuters said the proposal chimes in with the EC demands to have more control of fiscal policy of all its member states.