EU Goons Deploy Against Greek Strikes To Force More Austerity
October 21, 2011 • 10:27AM

Under obvious orders of the infamous EC-ECB-IMF Troika, the puppet government of Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou used police-state tactics against hundreds of thousands of Greek demonstrators protesting against the new, brutal austerity measures demanded by Greece's self-appointed overlords.        

There have been two days of massive demonstrations and a 48-hour general strike called by the country's two largest trade union federations, which began yesterday and continued into today.        

On Oct. 19 hundreds of thousands demonstrated in Syntagma Square at the foot of the Parliament building; police say that there were 100,000, while some media gave figures of 500,000. A LaRouche supporter who was at the demos reported 300,000, the "biggest in decades." (The total population of Greece is only a bit more than 11 million.) The GSEE trade union federation said that it was the largest since the restoration of democracy in 1974, when the military Junta was overthrown. Some 90% of the city's shops also closed in solidarity with the strikers, according to the union.        

As in June, when the police heavily repressed a similar demonstration, masked provocateurs were deployed against the protesters, providing police the excuse to use tear gas. While the scenes of mass repression were taking place in the square, the Parliament voted up the latest cuts. Only the ruling PASOK deputies, who enjoy a narrow four-seat majority, voted for the new package. Today, they voted on the individual amendments.        

Demonstrators began gathering in Syntagma Square already this morning, with tens of thousands already in the square by noon. With such a turnout, hundreds of thousands could have been expected by late afternoon. But just as the day before, hooded goon squads were deployed against the demonstrations, giving the police the pretext to again attack the demonstrators. As of this writing, while it appears that the tactic has kept the crowd size down, thousands of demonstrators remained in the square. One demonstrator, a member of the Communist PAME trade union federation, died as a result of injuries suffered during the police riot.        

Demonstrations are taking place all over Greece. It is likely that an equal number of people participated in demonstrations in cities throughout the country.        

As of this writing it is not known whether all the amendments to the austerity bill had passed.