"Stupid Questions" -- Diane Sare
October 22, 2011 • 2:30PM


Will NJ Gov Chris Christie run for President? Is Obama the Messiah? Does Rick Perry look good in pink?

Anyone who is worried about the November 2012 elections right now is not in the real world. As LaRouche has stated quite unequivocally, the trans-Atlantic financial system is DOOMED. It's already over. Unless the US moves to re-instate Glass-Steagall on an emergency basis, as one banker put it, "If the Euro were to crash now, not one US bank would be left standing." The difficulty is that our insane Nero President Obama does not want to reinstate Glass-Steagall. He's much happier to go for a dictatorship, which will be necessary if he intends to impose the $7 trillion in cuts being proposed by the illegal Congressional "Super-Committee". One might wonder whether these targetted drone attacks, where Obama has given orders to wipe out entire families, children and all, like some kind of sick video game, are not practice for what he'd like to do right here at home, to anyone who has the temerity to disagree with his insane British imperial agenda. Perhaps he will soon be offering our drones to the Greek Government for the "humanitarian" purpose of quelling (i.e. killing) the revolt against the murderous austerity there.

So, please, stop asking silly questions about the "next election", as a way of avoiding the hard truth. Obama must be forced out, or otherwise contained (like with a strait jacket), and Glass-Steagall reenacted IMMEDIATELY, if we plan to be here for Thanksgiving, let alone 2012.

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