Obama Sets Up Multiple Drone Bases To Kill Africans
October 28, 2011 • 12:24PM

A drone base set up in southern Ethiopia became operational this year and is being used to hunt and kill targets in Somalia, U.S. military officials told the Washington Post today. The Post reported last month that the Obama administration was building a "constellation of secret drone bases in the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa," including the one in Ethiopia.

The Air Force built the base Arba Minch, Ethiopia, deploying a fleet of Reapers, an advanced form of Predators, drones that can be equipped with Hellfire missiles and satellite-guided bombs. The Reapers began flying missions earlier this year over neighboring Somalia.

The Air Force confirmed Thursday that drone operations are underway at the Arba Minch airport, despite denials by the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington.

The Air Force operates a small fleet of Reapers from the Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, about 800 miles from the Somali coast, and from Djibouti, where the U.S. has its only permanent U.S. base on the African continent.

How many more killer bases has Kenya's Favorite Son set up across Africa, has yet to be revealed. But it would seem that he hasn't just been watching basketball in his study. Did someone, perhaps, give him a video game?