The LaRouche PAC and Summer Shields for Congress cosponsored an event on the urgent need for trans-Pacific cooperation. The all day conference entitled, Rescuing Civilization from the Brink: The Grand Pacific Alliance, featured presentations on history, science and music and consisted of hours of focus on ideas on the highest level. It's accomplishment was the culmination of several weeks of organizing and planning. Throughout the day approximately 80 guests attended the event, including 30 from Chinatown, 6 members of the SF Chinese Benevolent Society, one gentleman who assists the SF Mayor and two individuals who were invited directly by the owner of the venue. By the end of the evening even the translators were inspired to help us with disseminating these powerful ideas.

The day opened up with a wonderful singing of the Star Spangled Banner by the chorus, where everyone, Chinese and American, stood and covered their hearts. This was followed by an introduction by Alli Perebikovsky and a hard hitting presentation from LaRouche who insisted that he had "unpleasant but necessary news" to save human civilization. He emphasized three points that made up the bulk of the discussion. 1) Removing Obama immediately 2) Global Glass-Steagall and 3) Three Powers agreement. LaRouche's remarks set the tone for the rest of the day and provoked several questions ranging from how to remove Obama, how to implement Glass-Steagall, what is the credit system, how do you move a demoralized population and, what do you mean by the British Empire?

One Chinese gentleman from the Benevolent Society made a general comment that we need to remove Obama because then we can have an economy based on development. He is also a Sun Yat Sen scholar and later emptied the change out of his pocket to purchase the small red Sun Yat Sen book.

After LaRouche's address, the first panel consisted of candidates Summer Shields and Dave Christie on the need for global cooperation and the credit system, and a beautiful history on Confucian philosophy and Sun Yat Sen from Leni Rubinstein. Summer opened up by "Congratulating the Chinese people on 100 years of freeing themselves from empire" and Dave began his presentation by stating that "if the British want war, then we are going to bring it to them!" which elicited a roar of applause from the audience. Also an animation put together for the conference by a crew from San Francisco was played, showing Sun Yat Sen's plan for the economic development of China from his "The International Development of China" book. During the lunch break there were a series of traditional Chinese songs sung while people ate and at the beginning of the next panel there was a performance of Bach's Jesu Meine Freude.

Next came the second panel which opened up with Dr. Howard Chang who joyfully presented developments taking place in China along the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, including his direct involvement in the development of the "Three Gorges Dam." His presentation was complete with beautiful photographs of the project. After this Hal Cooper gave an excellent presentation on the specific challenges involved with the construction of the Bering Strait project, including intervention by the British Empire and their evil environmental policy and cross border cooperation in rail construction. Finally Michael brought the panel to a close by developing upon the epistemological problems of cost benefit analysis and the new coming of the age of the Noosphere.

Preceding dinner, a trio from the San Francisco Music Conservatory did an excellent performance of Mendelssohn's piano trio #1 in D minor. Following this we played a beautifully composed statement from Kesha Rogers who opened her statement by stating "Hello, Nihao, Privyet!" She then proceeded to juxtapose the need for a three powers agreement to the threat of global World War III.

After Dinner, the last panel consisted of Sky Shields and My-Hoa Steger. Sky developed the paradoxes in people's conception of time and began by asking people what they thought time was. The discussion was extremely thought provoking and led to a discussion on human intention and the subjunctive. This led right into My-Hoa's presentation which started out with a reading of Beethoven's Heiligenstadt testimony when he had gone deaf, a showing of a performance of Bach's "Es Ist Vollbracht," a brief pedagogy on Beethoveen's Opus. 110 and ended with a wonderful performance of the complete Opus. 110.

By the evening's end there was not an uninspired soul to be found in the room.


5:08pm • November 10 2011



Dr. Hal Cooper, a railroad engineer, gives a strategic overview of NAWAPA project; its necessities and benefits, and where we stand in the process. He also addresses the engineering obstacles, and how to solve them. He highlights the Bering Strait tunnel project, as the most crucial project to realize the World Land Bridge.


Leni Rubinstein shows that the founding principles behind the formation of the United States are evident in the ancient culture of China. The only way to develop this healthy partnership is to dump President Obama, and move with LaRouche's Extended NAWAPA program. Stay tuned for the surprise at the end!


Dr. Chang, Professor Emeritus of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, lays out the plan for development of the nations of the 3 Powers.
He uses the Three Gorges Dam as a case study for the topographical challenges facing the Pacific Region.


Candidate Summer Shields presents the tradition of the real United States. He uses the hero, Abraham Lincoln, to elaborate the American approach to
collaboration, with our natural allies Russia and China - and against the British Empire.


Scientist Sky Shields, leader of the LaRouche Movement Basement Team, challenges the common (and not so common) assumptions of what time is.
After exhausting a number of paths, volunteered by the audience, Sky takes a sharp turn, to the development of human languages, the Credit System - and Immortality.


"If President Obama wants a fight, we'll give it to him!"
Candidate Dave Christie (WA) delivers a heady dose of reality, our potential for victory - and the danger of defeat.


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In the context of the current global breakdown crisis, LaRouche discussed the imminent threat of a British-sponsored World War III, and the role that President Obama has and will continue to play in making that threat a reality.


Summer Shields for Congress cordially invites you to our Annual International Conference: Rescuing Civilization from the Brink - The Grand Pacific Alliance.


Summer Shields for Congress cordially invites you to our Annual International Conference: Rescuing Civilization from the Brink - The Grand Pacific Alliance.