The 7 Billionth Person
November 1, 2011 • 11:09PM

by Diane Sare

Somewhere on earth today, the 7 billionth human being to be alive was born. While I believe we should have reached that milestone decades ago, it is worth celebrating, and reflecting upon what it means to be human, and what is the mission of mankind in this vast galaxy of ours.

Compared to the number of dollars in Obama and Bernanke’s bailouts, 7 billion is a relatively small number. Had mankind not suffered the evils of the Roman Empire and its successors, down to today’s genocidal British Empire, perhaps we might have had one person for each dollar printed on Obama’s printing press – imagine 26 trillion humans populating the universe! Why not? Had the Kennedy's not been assassinated, we surely would have at least been on Mars by now, in spite of the murderous wars of the last century.

Now, we are facing a nuclear World War III , unleashed by the lawless murder of Libyan leader Qaddafi, carried out under orders of Ner-O-bama, who like his predecessor, the Roman Emperor Nero, delights in wanton acts of violence.

The time is overripe for Americans to wake up and act! Demand the removal of our loony president from office under section 4 of the 25th Amendment. Get Glass-Steagall through the Congress! And don’t delude yourself that the self - absorbed rabble at Occupy Wall Street is going to accomplish anything, but potential chaos. To sit idly by, contemplating one’s navel (or worse), in the name of “creating community”, with no policy proposals, while the world careens toward destruction is not dissimilar to those denizens of Rome who sat in the stadium watching children being fed to the lions, and writing poetry about it.

The sooner Obama is thrown out of office, the sooner mankind can move toward a population of trillions of healthy, well-educated, creative individuals living on planets which have yet to be discovered.

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