Obama: The Queen's Drone
November 3, 2011 • 9:25AM

By Dave Christie, Washington

Perhaps Obama’s obsession with Drones goes beyond simply carrying out the demands of his Queen, who is attempting to maintain her dying empire that is now crumbling into the Atlantic. A vibrant potential awaits the world in a new Trans-Pacific orientation now beginning in Eurasia, with a new economic development perspective that will become the driver for human progress into the next generation, and beyond.

In order to crush this potential, the Queen has unleashed Obama and his targeted assassinations by Predator Drone to unfold a World War, enabling the British Empire to rule over the rubble of chaos.

The recent meetings between Russia and China concerning oil and gas development, high speed rail, nuclear power, and even space exploration, have given optimism to a world destroyed by the “miracles” of globalization. The invitation of this Trans-Pacific alliance has been extended to the United States, by Russia’s commitment to build a rail line to the Bering Straits, and also implicitly by the Strategic Defense of the Earth (SDE), in an echo of Lyndon LaRouche’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). With this Trans-Pacific orientation, the British Empire would be wiped out forever by this commitment to scientific and cultural progress.

To shut down this path to progress, Obama has been unleashed in a murder spree with the use of his Predator Drones, as we saw with Kaddafi in Libya, and with threats now coming to Syria and Iran. These threats are obviously not limited to the so called Middle East, but as Lyndon LaRouche has warned, the Middle East will become the new Balkans, a tinder box for World War targeting the potential of the great mission of the Trans-Pacific alliance.

But perhaps Obama’s obsession with these drones goes beyond a simple Nero-like bloodlust to murder at will, outside the bounds of international law. There are those who suggest that his fascination with drones is that he actually aspires to become a drone, in service to his queen. In the animal kingdom, the drone’s main mission is to be ready to fertilize a receptive queen. However, once this expansion of the queen’s dominion is completed, there is no longer any use for the drone, and he is tossed to the side. I wonder how that would sit with NerO-bama’s malignant Narcissism?

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