The Only Relevant Discussion is Obama's Removal
November 7, 2011 • 5:03PM

by Rachel Brown

Whether or not Greece defaults, or leaves the EU, doesn't matter. The only relevant statements given at the recent G-20 summit, were that of Christina Kirchner, who pointed out that the system is designed to destroy countries, and that of President Obama, who declared his willingness to bomb Iran.

The Transatlantic system is bankrupt, and the Empire is reacting because their system is dead, and are using their puppet Obama to go for war, which would be global and most likely nuclear. The only relevant issue regarding Iran, is that if attacked, it would draw in Russia and China, who pose a threat to the failed British dictators of the bankrupt world system, because they have chosen to orient their economies around mutual development, and space colonization. The recent first-ever occurrence of two successful in-orbit rendevous in one day, led by Russia and China, indicates this. Meanwhile, Obama is in a homicidal mental breakdown, having just assassinated three U.S. citizens without due process, murdered a head of state and gloated about it, and recently declared, that as both Republicans and Democrats in Congress are dysfunctional, he'll have to find ways to govern on his own. He has already demonstrated his willingness to pull the trigger to world war, by his murder of Qaddaffi, and his threats to Syria and Iran, as LaRouche warned he would in April 2009.

There is no reason to discuss any issue other than the removal of Obama from office. Americans are better than to let our nation be lost, for a worthless agent of the British Empire.

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