Don't Run for Office, Run Obama Out of Office
November 8, 2011 • 5:26PM

By Kesha Rogers, Texas

The stupidity must end now. Any lousy politician who continues to compromise and defend this insane Nero Obama in the White House, allowing him to unleash World War III by not demanding his immediate ouster, is not fit to serve this nation and should be denounced as a traitor. Anyone campaigning for office, saying, "Elect me in over 11 months, and then I will solve your problems," is disqualified on grounds of incompetence.

The new Balkans region spreading from Libya to Pakistan, was designed to become the powder keg for launching a new world war, by the Sykes-Picot Agreement made during World War One. What is being presented as today's "current events" of drumbeats for unleashing thermonuclear war against Iran, unavoidably dragging in Russia, China, India, and many other nations, is the same old British imperial plan to lower the world's population.

It is no coincidence this threat of permanent warfare is coming at exactly the same time that all the bailouts have failed to solve the meltdown of the British system of "free trade globalization". Since the 1971 destruction of Franklin Roosevelt's Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system, British oligarchs have been pushing to lower the population of the planet by several billion people. To do this, they created the system that is now collapsing, as a means to their end. Environmentalism, permanent warfare, free trade, endless bailouts, and brutal austerity are their tools of genocide, organizing nations to murder themselves and each other, while the British Empire manipulates the players, as if from outside the rules of the game.

Seen in this light, Obama's nonsensical attacks on NASA, fusion energy, extreme weather forecasting, and real scientific progress, is to be expected: he is nothing more than a lousy puppet for his genocidal British masters. Obama's move to destroy the manned space program and launch WWIII, falls right into the British plan for global depopulation. If you wish to return mankind to our rightful status, as proprietor of the galaxy and co-author in its continuing creation, then run this bum out of office now.

An actual basis for lasting peace among sovereign nations exists in collaboration on a Strategic Defense of life on Earth in our galaxy, to survive the recurring threat of mass extinctions. The near miss of Asteroid "2005 YU55", while fools gear up for nuclear war, shows our complete unpreparedness for even the most minor of such celestial threats. A space based science driver of the size needed to protect civilization as our galaxy changes, would require the cooperation of all nations, and is the only real basis for lasting peace. The guiding principle for this peace is found within the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia, which states: "this Peace must be so honest and seriously guarded and nourished that each part furthers the advantage, honor, and benefit of the other," so that all "insults, violent acts, hostilities, damages, and injuries, without regard of persons or outcomes, should be completely put aside…"

This is our alternative to global war now, and you must take a stand. It is time for you to mobilize in every way imaginable, exposing the threat and demanding real solutions.

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